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Birmingham National critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

I would first like to thank the Officers & Committee for their kind invitation to judge at the show. This was my first time giving tickets in our lovely breed. I had a wonderful day, thank you. many thanks also to the exhibitors who took the time to show their dogs under me.

LIMIT DOG: 1) Hannington’s Boudivella Osca. Nice wheaten. Good head, nice dark eye, good bite. Moved with good drive with nice topline. RCC. 2) Alstead’s Golden Spur. Nice brindle, nice head, dark eye. Nice harsh coat. Moved okay.

OPEN DOG: 1) Sage’s Romainville Fast ‘N’ Furious at Wickholm. Good strong boy, well boned. Lovely head, dark eye, strong jaw, good bite, moved with drive. CC & BOB.

PUPPY BITCH: 1) Hannington’s Boudivella Tegan. Lovely little girl coming on nicely. Nice head, good dark eye, strong jaw, correct bite. Very excited on the move but when settled moved well. One to watch. Best Puppy. 2) George’s Romainville Izzy Wizzy. Lovely blue, nice coat, good head, dark eye, strong jaw, good bite, nice bone, moved okay.

JUNIOR BITCH: 1) Alstead’s Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage. Nice well made girl, good head, dark eye, good bite, moved well with drive. 2) Sage’s Wickholm Breaking Dawn. Larger wheaten of good bone, strong head, dark eye. Moved okay.

POST GRADUATE BITCH: 1) James & O’Brien’s Amhard Jessie Jay. Well put together girl. Nice head, good eye, strong jaw, moved out well with drive.

LIMIT BITCH: 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jean Genie. Nice girl, strong head, nice dark eye, strong jaw, moved sound. 2) Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl. Well boned girl, nice head, mouth okay, moved fine.

OPEN BITCH: 1) George & Garnham’s Romainville Fade To Grey. Stunning girl, nice all round. Head of good size. Lovely dark eye, correct bite, good bone, pleasing to go over, moved well. Bitch CC but pipped for BOB. 2) Ashcroft’s Romainville Moira. Another nice well put together girl. Lovely head, dark eye, good bone, moved well. 3) Seall’s Ch Bregorrey Madam Defiance.

VETERAN BITCH: 1) Seall’s Ch Brockland Belle Bregorrey. What a stunner. She was full of life. Nice strong girl who showed off well. Beautiful head, dark eye, moved around the ring with ease for a 12.5 year old. Well deserved RCC. 2) Sage’s Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm. Again another lovely girl of 8.5. years. Full of charm, in good condition, expression to die for. Nice head eye, excellent bone, moved freely round the ring.

Roger Bill (Judge)

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WELKS & The National entry figures announced.

There are 6 Glen of Imaal Terriers entered for judge Colin Powell at West of England Ladies Kennel. Terrier day is Friday April 28th. Whilst at (Birmingham) National there are 16 for Roger Bill. Terrier day is May 4th with Glens not before 10.30 in Annexe 1.

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Birmingham National closes today at midday….or maybe not

Online entries for The National close at midday today….but then again they may have been extended for a week as adverts are differing. Just to be on the safe side though, if you are entering, do it today. Glen of Imaal Terriers are to be judged by Roger Bill and Terrier Day is Thursday May 4th.

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Championship Shows closing VERY SOON

West of England Ladies Kennel Society(Terrier Day 28th April) closes TODAY, Colin Powell is judging the Glen of Imaal Terrier classes

National Dog Show (Terrier Day 4th May) closes 12 noon on Friday, Roger Bill is judging the Glen of Imaal Terrier classes


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Championship Show judges 2017

Judges at Championship Shows for the first 6 months of 2017.

CRUFTS-Alan Small



BATH-Martin Phillips


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Busy Weekend!

Glen of Imaal Terrier people have certainly been out and about to celebrate June beginning. First off the blocks was Southern Counties with a Best of Breed for Ch. Brockland Belle Bregorrey and Best Dog going to brother Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad under judge Johan Juslin.

Southern CountiesAt the Estonian Winners BOB was awarded to Gleann Una Noonan, BOS to Gleann Uaid MacDonald with the Junior Winner title going to Glenrosedale Aiobheann Nion Ros. Afterwards Glen celebrations ruled!






At the Glen of Imaal Association Open Show judge Roger Bill awarded Best In Show to Ch. Jeonty Maybee Daysee with Best Dog being awarded to Pendikes Edward Bear and Best Puppy to Amhard High Flyer.

Glen Association: BP, BIS, BDAnd from Monique Anthony: Oliver qualified in the RAT Instinct and Rat Novice classes today in Crosswicks NJ!  This is his 2nd RATN leg and he needs 1 more for a title.In the Novice class, he went through the tunnel and did the climb within a few seconds, but then attempted to get to the rat tube from the opposite side of its location in a stack of hay bales instead of going around and marking them directly.  The bales were up against the orange fencing and so he forced his body against the fencing causing it to bend out and almost hit the spectators sitting on the bench outside the ring.  He finally wrangled and crawled his way over to the tube location on the opposite side and I called it.  I love that he qualifies in dramatic fashion each time.  In NC, he broke open the tube and the rat popped out.  What a fun sport 🙂

And finally a lot of Glen of Imaal Terrier people don’t enter into Variety classes as they always feel a Glen doesn’t do that well. Bregorrey Wannabe Victory by Jeonty proved that thought faulty with taking a nicely filled NSC at Boston and then being awarded Group 2

Lots of congratulations to everybody from everybody!

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Glen Association Open Show

The Glen Association Open Show will be held on June 2nd at St Philip Neri School, Mansfield, NG19 6AA. The judge for the day is Roger Bill and there are 12 classes. Closing date for entries is May 20th and full details can be obtained from Anne hardy

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