Manchester critique


PGD (1)

1 Tobijansk & Tobijanski’s Romainville Becks Blue For Zippor. a solid dog of good type, long head with a strong skull and foreface, well boned front with decent rib and topline, good tail set, in well textured coat of good length. Best dog.

OD (2)

1 Hannington’s Boudivella Oscar, a mustard dog in very tight coat on the day, lovely size, powerful jaw and correct skull with rose ears, well off for bone and substance. Reserve Best Dog.

PB (4)

1 Withers’ Pajantick Hot Totty. A mustard of good size and shape, already has a big rib, balanced head with good bone for her age, needs time to mature.

2 Martel’s Jeonty Letty Be Magic, a darker coloured youngster with a typical head showing strength, pleasing toplline Needs time to mature and improve in coat texture.

3 Forbes’ Jeonty Dreams A Dream With Karensbrae

JB (2)

1 Hannington’s Boudivella Tegan, a bitch of good type, very solid but not lacking quality, well off for bone well shaped head of good length, in good condition Best Bitch and Best of Breed.

2 Forbe’s Jeonty Dreams A Dream With Karensbrae. A well constructed bitch who was unlucky to come up against a more mature bitch.

Judge Stuart Plane

Is this one of the most successful weekends ever ever?

Glen of Imaal Terriers had one heck of a weekend. Amongst other things Group placements, Group wins and a Best in Show have been the order of the last few days!!!

First up has to be Finnabair Double D Friend of a Friend with three Group 1 placements and a Best in Show. These were at Central Florida KC, Space Coast KC of Palm Bay-got to love that name-and Brevard Kennel Club were he was then awarded the biggie, Best In Show. Keadeen’s Sir Emmet Mingus Glas hasn’t exactly been slacking either with a Group 1 at Electric City KC and then Owner Handler RBIS. Kilkenny’s Across the Universe at Setanta was in Minnesota and added two Group 3s and two Group 4s whilst Abberann Derbla was notching a Group 3 in Maine. Up in Canada Abberann Phelan took a Group 3.

Back across to Europe and at Rovaniemi International BOB was Glenrosedale Ardal Ridire Ain Ri with Astoreen taking Best Bitch. At Blackpool Romainville Becks Blue for Zippoor was Best of Breed with Romainville Moira Best Opposite. Slovenia Winner went to Cairdiulacht Aoife Nicalainna the week after she took Mediterranean Winner and Enci Winner 17 in Milan. Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage and Golden Spurs were flying the Glen flag at Chesire Show, not easy in populace variety, but both came home with cards and one was a red one.

Jeff Dairiki wasn’t showing his boys in the exhibition ring but was out giving them some brain practice and writes “Ciarán went 3 for 5 in the masters ring this weekend, earning a HIC on Friday. (I never thought that would ever happen, the way he holds on to tubes.) Quinn went 5 for 5, earning his RATCH! Quinn also got to do five crazy 8 runs, earning 280 points for the weekend”

Glen of Imaal Terriers and their people….awesome!!!

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier critique


I would like to say firstly, a big thank you to all those who entered. I am very grateful for your support. Coats were to be expected for this time of year but this doesn’t mean they should not be trimmed and presentable; this cost a few exhibitors in their placings and I also think it effects the credibility of the breed that we cannot keep the dogs looking similar and the presentation the same.

The Standard of mouths has improved greatly within my 35years of being in the breed which is very pleasing, unfortunately that’s where it ends.

Puppy dog – no entries

Junior dog – no entries

Pg Dog

1st – Tobijanski’s Romainville Becks Blue For Zippor. Something about this dog that took my eye, had great presence in the ring. Very nice head and expression with dark eyes. Nice dark blue colour, strong bone, trimmed enough to compensate for the coat in need of stripping. Strong movement with purpose BOB

2nd – Samuel’s Jeonty Yippe Kiaye. 3 year old blue dog, good mouth & his coat was good. He moved soundly but 1st place moved better.

3rd-Dunning’s Romainville Freddie’s Choice. Nice little wheaten dog. Coat & mouth all good, shame he didn’t show on this occasion for his handler.

Limit dog

1st – Alstead’s Golden Spurs. Brindle Dog, presented well, nice size with a good out line. Good expression and one of the only   dogs in coat. Showed well

2nd – Rogers’ Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty. Well bone dog, strong head with a nice dark brindle coat. Would have like to see his head trimmed a little better especially around his eyes. Overall a sound dog, didn’t show as good as 1st place.

3rd Hannington’s Boudivella Osca. Wheaten dog, Strong head & good mouth. Looked slightly narrow at the front just about got my hand between his upper front legs, he showed well and moved with purpose.

Open dog

1st – Hadley’s CH Donvaleset Rebus. Over ten years old but you wouldn’t think so. Very powerful well boned specimen, deep rib, good span between front legs and well-muscled.   Strong head and hind quarters. The lack of trimming of this dog was an issue which was a great shame.

Puppy bitch

1st – Hannington’s Boudivella Tegan. Very much a baby, very inquisitive and concentrating on everything except showing. When she did stand her front look nice, her bone structure was correct and at times she moved well. BP

Junior bitch

1st – Alstead’s Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage. Just out of puppy into Junior, very nice bitch lovely head and expression feminine but still strong with it. Nice brindle colour and moved well. Nice proportions.


1st – Rogers’ Jeonty Minnie Meme. Wheaten bitch, Strong head and forefront nice top line and hind quarters. Back movement very good,


1st – Seall’s Bregorrey Madam Defiance. Nice dark brindle bitch, her proportions were good with a nice top line and front. Feminine head with good pigmentation. Although she didn’t look the happiest show dog her presentation and performance was good enough for BOS.



Staying local for once

It was “The Girls (rather than the boys) are Back In Town” at the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club Open Show when both Best In Show & Reserve Best in Show went to the ladies in the form of Wickholm Breaking Dawn and Jeonty Mini MeMe. The Best Dogs were Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty and Golden Spur. Boudivella Tegan was Best Puppy and Donvaleset Rebus Best Veteran so with the dog food, rosettes, cups, specials and actual real life money on offer quite a few cars returned home with more in than they had started with.

The EFG Open Show is one of the very rare times that 2 shows can be attended for one lot of travelling money and at the “other”, Birmingham Gundog & Terrier, Best of Breed went to Romainville Becks Blue for Zippor, Best Bitch Bregorrey Madam Defiance and once again Best Puppy to Boudivella Tegan

Nice going everybody!

Big entries for the Montgomery Cluster.

Leading on the “Montgomery Weekend” as this is THE one on the American circuit to see big entries of Glen of Imaal Terriers and this year was no exception. Hatboro 1 starts it off and it was a BOB for Abberann Torcan with his daughter, Kilkenny Across The Universe at Setanta Best Opposite Sex. Hatboro 2 saw Cormac McCarthy waved to the Top Spot and the nod going to Tipperary Cora Countess of Grantham for Best Bitch. Number 3 Show of the weekend is Devon with the Glen entry higher again. Abberann Torcan added to his tally with once again his daughter, Kilkenny Across The Universe at Setanta, Best Bitch. Number 4 is the mighty Montgomery Terrier Show and nothing could be found to top the best weekend of their careers (up to yet) of Abberann Torcan & Kilkenny Across The Universe at Setanta as they were waved again to the two top spots!

Kilkenny Best of my Love and Kilkenny Love and Happiness flew the breed flag in the Brace Group and were rewarded with Group 2

The AKC system has dogs “in the classes” and from the classes Winner Dog & Bitch is decided and these two compete for BOW. It is the points gained in the classes that make you a Champion and then you go into the Best of Breed class (often known as Specials). So the Winners are equally important when trying to make a dog up in the States. Hatboro 1 was a great start for recent import Gleann Cotton Cody with Winners Dog and Daulton’s Caoimhe of Pine Meadow Winners Bitch. Hatboro 2 WB Daulton’s Caoimhe of Pine Meadow again and WD Coleraine Here Comes The Sun. Here Comes  The Sun was WD again at Devon with  Finnabair Shorlyne Summer In The Caatskills  WB. Montgomery saw Finnabair Caatskill Lightening on the Shorelyne and Finnabair Shorlyne Caatskill Comedy Tonight take the two Winners awards with Summer and Lightening also taking the Sweepstake Best of Sex and Best Opposite. (Sure somebody will tell me if all those similar names are in the wrong way around!)

Back in the UK South Wales Kennel Association was rather a good day for the Pajantick pair with Star Trooper taking the Dog CC with Best of Breed and Pajantick Razamataz Best Puppy. Bitch CC, making a long trip over from Ireland positively easy on the way home, was Stiubhard Bellatrix L’Estrange with the two Reserves to Boudivella Osca and Romainville Fade To Grey. A big first at the show was a Glen competing AND WINNING the YKC Stakes-the first one ever for the breed. Congratulations to Romainville Becks Blue For Zippor.

In Finland Tuulos Puppy Show saw Highlanders Dream Casper the Glen of the day and in the Turkku area the Glen people got together for a walk and a day out which is always nice.

Glen Brains were also working well as Laura Trainor reports:- Reporting on the other than conformiation competitions of the week. Jeff Dairiki & Sandra Distefano’s GCH Keadeen’s Blue Boy for Bluesette CA was the first Glen to earn his RATCH Barn Hunt title. Their Kilkenny’s Love and Happiness earned his RATO title. Laura Trainor’s CH Rainbow Springs Kylee of Cnoc CD RE OAP OJP OFP RATS CGCA earned another Barn Hunt Master qualifying score. Her GCH PACH Niamh of Cnoc CD PCD BN RE MXP7 MXPS MJP6 MJPB JE RATS CGCA earned three more Agility Master Standard qualifying scores bringing her to a total of 75 which earns her the Master Standard Preferred Gold title. Whilst elsewhere in the US Kelli Whitfield sends: Finnabair Winston O’Reilly VCD1 CDX BN GN RE JE CA THDA RATS CGCA NW2 TDCH earned his Master Barn Hunt Title(RATM) today. The last two years Winston has been sidelined with cruciate tears first on the left side and then again this spring on the right side so this was a long time coming and this was Winston’s first event after his surgery this spring. Two stainless steel legs later and lots of rehab but barn hunt is so much fun for this guy.

Many, many congratulations everybody!!