Incredibly busy few weeks!!

Glen of Imaal Terrier people never stop; new titles, new Champions, Group placings, even a Best Puppy In Show, it’s been a great few weeks.

There has been a lot of beauty but also there has been a lot of brains. Monique sends news that “Ginny had fun at the Performance Scent Dogs (PSD) trial on Saturday, qualifying in 4 out of 5 nosework classes and earning a title in Novice Containers. Also Ginny qualified for the third time in the Novice Barn Hunt class, earning her RATN title! She then moved up to the Open class for the afternoon trial and was successful again. Both of her runs were first place finishes also!” Also a celebration of (one) new title for Glens when Bregorrey Sovereign Storm added a CBAT to the end of his name by titling in the Fast CAT. Stormy was clocked at an incredible 22 mph! The American Kennel Club has just introduced a Trick Dog title. The all performing pair of Winston & Griff are the first two Glens to be awarded the titles.

Lets go showing: At WELKS Romainville Billy Whizz was nodded to BOB with Romainville Jean Genie Best Bitch and at The National Romainville Fast N’furious At Wickholm was Best of Breed with Romainville Fade To Grey BOS and getting made up to Champion. Over in Ireland Abberann Conan took home the big rosette from both South Tipperary and Fermoy, Daulton’s Midnight Sky of Galore & Abberann Reach for the Stars Ryanne were the respective Best Opposites. At the Dutch Glen Club Show Best In Show was Cairdiulacht Breanainn MacAngus with McJake’s Aivy Best Bitch

Fabulous news of a Best Puppy in Show for Meomodo Bohos Trick or Treat and Highlanders Dream Casper added to his BOB list (and took Group 4) with Gleann Funny Fifi Stiubhard Best Bitch. At another show Gleann Bigwig was The Man with Pearytail Candy McCoy Best Opposite. Salo Group Specialty had Glenrosedale Buagh Ri Arthur Milo BOB with Taramont Niamh Tirnan’Og BOS and Best Veteran. In Estonia Gleann Eager Edgar took two Best of Breeds and his Estonian Championship.

Canadian news and Abberann Phelan has started his career there with a Group 4, Group2 & Group 1-some debut indeed. First news (I think) from Idaho, at the Palous Hill Dog Fanciers back to back shows Keadeen Second Star to the Right took 2 BOBs and Gp 1 to become a Grand Champion. Kilkenny Across the Universe at Setanta added a Gp3 & 4 to her tally and Finnair Double D Friend of a Friend took four Best of Breeds and a Gp4 at Trenton & Bucks County Shows. His Best Opposites were Tipperary American Girl, Finnabair Shorlyne Caatskills Comedy Tonight & Daulton’s Tupelo Honey of Galore twice. Tipperary American Girl took her own Best of Breeds at Columbia Terrier Association of Maryland & Old Dominian KC of North Virginia where her son Tipperary Ballyfinboy Liam of Cnoc was Best Dog. American Girl was Best Opposite again, but this time at Ber-D-Mar Nate The Great of Wicklow at Baltimore County KC. Daulton’s Tupelo Honey of Galore was also notching up the BOBs at Springfield KC, Pioneer Valley KC and South Windsor.

Terrier Club of Michigan saw Daulton’s Wild Night of Galore take BOB with Abberann Be Brave Best Opposite. Fort St Clair Kennel Club (another great KC name) had back to back shows with Kilkenny’s Middleton of Irish Spirits taking BOB both times and a OH3. Klamath Dog Fanciers had a weekend of shows with Keadeen Blue Boy of Bluesette taking BOB twice and OH4 one day with Keadeen Sir Emmet Mingus Glas getting the big rosette the other two days. Finishing off with another Group placement, this time from Abberann Derbla at St Hubert KC.

All these fabulous Glen of Imaals in the ring would only have been seen if you were at the shows. Getting the breed out and about to people is just as important and at the London Pet Show Leia, Reilly, Dylan, Candy, Toby and their respective humans flew the flag with honour!



Glen Association critique

Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Championship Show 27/10/16

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for their kind invitation. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Thanks too, for my very able steward. Dentition has improved greatly since the last time I judged the breed, credit to the breeders for this. Not only were a majority of good bites, but teeth were of a good size and clean too. I was looking for a strongly built animal, correctly proportioned, muscled and boned and with that unmistakable Glen head and expression.

Veteran (2) 1st Sage’s Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm  8 year old wheaten bitch, between coats but took this place on her better balance and general proportions . 2nd Samuel’s Jeonty Red Clover 10 year old bitch who enjoyed herself! in good coat and satisfactory for breed type.

Junior Dog (2, 1abs) 1st Hardy’s Amhard Lightening Flash juvenile male who displays his qualities on the move better than he does stacked! A promising male, masculine throughout, of good size and type. He moved soundly and was presented in excellent coat. His expression was exactly what I look for in a good Glen male.

Post Graduate Dog    (3) 1st Samuel’s Jeonty Yippe Kiaye young blue of superior type. This male is excellently balanced, has pleasing angles allowing him to move freely. Another good masculine male with pleasing headpiece. 2nd Rogers Kingcottage Boogie on Basil presented in an excellent jacket, acceptable in terms of breed type and size. 3rd Dunning’s Romainville Freddies Choice.

Limit Dog (5, 1 abs) 1st Alstead’s Golden Spurs brindle male of excellent type. Presented in good coat, his took his place on his superior balance and good footfall. His movement in profile is excellent. I particularly appreciated the strong masculine head and excellent expression. I am sure it will not be too long before he joins the top males!  2nd Hardy’s Amhard Justin Thyme Strong male of lower station than the winner. Presented in excellent coat and moved soundly, but he fails to make the best of himself on the move, today lacking in a deal of enthusiasm. 3rd Hannington’s Boviolvella Oscar

Open Dog (5, 2 abs) a really interesting class which was a pleasure to assess. Decisions are made on the day rather than considering what might be in time to come! 1st George & Sullivan’s Ch Romainville Billy Whizz No dog is perfect, but this is a championship dog show, and this male entered the ring and commanded it, shown and presented as a show dog should be. He is for me, ideal for size and strength. He could only be a Glen, those eyes say it all! He possesses strong bone, a masculine head, although I would prefer a more slightly defined stop. His profile movement is a joy to watch, driving of strong quarters he powered around the ring holding his superb outline. Strength, substance and a superb jacket made him an easy CC winner and his stronger rear movement tipped the balance in his favour for BIS over an extremely good bitch CC winner. 2nd Sage’s Romainville Fast n’ Furious at Wickholm blue male of excellent type, surprised he doesn’t have his title. A well proportioned male of good height to length ratio. Pleasing head and good movement, presented in good coat but maybe tidy the fringes on the hocks a little to ensure that his sound movement is clearly evident.Delighted to award him a well deserved ResCC. 3rd Rogers Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty

Minor Puppy Bitch (3) 1st George’s Romainville Izzy Wizzy Heading the class of 3 super babies, this is the one I wanted to take home! 6 months on the day, her size and type are just what I was looking for. Pleasing in head & size of teeth, superb angulation fore and aft, sufficient rib and loin development. Clean in outline with excellent neck and shoulder line. Her movement is sound and true and in profile, she drives and reaches to an absolute advantage. Thrilled to be able to award her BPIS and seriously considered higher honours; look forward to seeing her develop more. 2nd Tavenrnor’s Romainville Sky Blue litter sister top above and much of the same comments regarding her breed type and qualities apply. her young handler must persevere  with her for she surely has a great future once she has the hang of the show ring! This puppies crowning glory is her stunning head and expression. 3rd Alstead’s Sigrid Melga at Pantcottage.

Puppy Bitch (3) 1st Sag’es Wickholm Breaking Dawn a well grown wheaten girl who has the potential to make a top class female. Her superior balance and co-ordinated movement made her an easy winner for me today. 2nd Squires Squires Beachat Baratheon pretty brindle bitch, need to body up and develop in the rib. Presently as one would expect, her lack of maturity is emphasising the fact that she is rather too long in the loin. 3rd Bill & Yates Romainville Bobbi Dazzler

Post Graduate Bitch (3) 1st Hardy’s Amhard Jezz Louise took this class on her sound movement. Initial impressions do little justice to the sheer essence of her breed type. She is well proportioned, well boned, superbly angulated, well ribbed back with strong loin and has the best of body coats. In the challenge for the bitch CC I found her most equal to my CC winner and I was delighted to award her the Res CC. 2nd Hall & Salett Bendikes Fidelma    young promising blue girl with a wonderful expression. She is well built with a good quality coat, presented in a little soft condition today which affected her movement . Not quite the angulation of 1. One I would love to trim! 3rd James & O’Brien Amhard Jessie Jay

Limit Bitch (3) 1st Squires Young May Moon I understand she now has her title and I can see why! She took my eye immediately for her perfect size, substance and oh so typical outline. Upon closer examination, I found  her head and expression so wonderful, flowing into well laid shoulder and superior front. Presented and shown to an absolute advantage, her profile movement is a joy to behold, excellent reach and drive. I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC and was delighted to see her in the challenge with my dog CC winner. Res BIS 2nd George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jean Genie another good bitch from this kennel, but today she looked rather immature against 1 and didn’t have the carriage and presence of 1. 3rd Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl

Open Bitch (5, 2 abs) 1st George & Garnham’ Romainville Fade to Grey blue bitch presented to an advantage. She took her place today due to her superior coat and condition and the soundest movement of the 3. I would like a little more muscle mass and wish she was a tad more animated, hope she gains her title, but today she couldn’t match the animation and carriage of my top winners. 2nd Rogers Ch Jeonty Me Me Fern I understand why she is a champion! Today she wasn’t in the best of coat, but her lack of coat only served to emphasis her superb breed type, head and maturity of body. Sadly her movement today let her down, she did not move away soundly despite several chances, a shame for if she had, she would of taken the class. 3rd Ashcroft’s Romainville Moira-

Judge Tim Harrison

Association Champ Show…amongst others.

A quieter weekend but some Glen of Imaal Terrier people were still showing on the 1st Sunday of Advent; Christmas presents can wait awhile yet! The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association saw Romainville Billy Whizz getting the nod for Best in Show with Young May Moon Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best In Show. The 2 Reserves were Romainville Fast ‘n’ Furious at Wickholm and Amhard Jeez Louise respectively. Best Puppy was (6 months on the day) Romainville Izzy Wizzy and Best Veteran Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm. Nice day for the Romainville and Wickholm kennels. It was Billy Whizz’s second BOB of the weekend as he had also taken that position at West Midlands Terrier

Slightly belated news from the Irish Breeds Society Show with a wonderful result for Glens; Abberann Phelan was Reserve Best In Show and Abberann Conan was Best Veteran in Show…nice!

Over in America at Agathon Kennel Club Best of Breed, and OHG2, was Tipperary Violet Dowager Countess who can now put Ch in front of her name, Best Dog was Daulton’s Rory. Sunday Agathon had Rory BOB (with Group 3) and Emerald Isle Keely with Daulton BOS. Violet finished off a good weekend by getting the nod for Bred By Exhibitor Gp1.

On the “brains” front Kelli Whitfield sends news “Griffin earned a qualifying agility run in Open Jumpers today with a first place completing his Open Jumpers Preferred (OJP) title today.”

Congratulations all.



It’s brains to the fore…..

Normally the weekend round up starts with the “beauty” of Glen of Imaal Terriers but this as week it has to be the “brains” as Louise Lopez writes “Tula made a little bit of Glen history today: She became the first Glen of Imaal Terrier to earn the NACSW Nose Work 3 title. And she did it in style! She was the top dog in a field of 30 and the only dog who actually qualified to earn the title today–and, so, first place automatically. The silver tin at the bottom of the photo contains all of today’s hides . It’s presented to the top dog of the day–and, today, that’s Tula!”

The exhibition folk were also out with a Best of Breed for Emerald Isle’s Keely with Daulton at Delaware (Ohio) Kennel Club whilst in Europe Lahti International had a Best of Breed for Gleann Dynamite Mike and a BOS for Gleann Dear Dandelion, Hanover International saw Fire & Ice Naomi waved to the top spot in the breed and Abberann Phelan was Best of Breed (and Group 2!) at Cloghran with Abberann Reach for the Stars Ruari Best Bitch.

In the UK it was Midland Counties and another double, this time for the Romainvilles: Billy Whizz was Best of Breed with Whistle Dixie Best Opposite. The two Reserves were Pajantick Razamataz and Romainville Moira with Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage Best Puppy.

Congratulations everybody!!


Darlington Critique

Glen of Imaal Terrier

PD (2) 1.Hogburn’s Pajantick Razamataz. Well constructed throughout demonstrating strength and substance without coarseness, well defined head, good mouth, good front and feet, strong body, coat coming on well, elegant on the move. BP. 2. Hardy’s Amhard Lightening Flash. Nice overall shape and good balance but needs more furnishings on the legs to complete the picture, a little playful on the move but when settled moved OK.

JD (1) 1. Tobijanski & Tobijanski’s Romainville Becks Blue for Zippor. Good head with dark eye, well set small ears, giving pleasing expression, nice front, deep chest and well made body, tended to be a bit stiff behind on the move.

PGD (1) 1. Hardy’s Amhard Justin Thyme. Nice head proportions with good width of skull and strong jaw, large white teeth with good bite, nice body, held topline and good profile on the move.

LD (4.1) 1. Alstead’s Golden Spurs. Nice overall balance and good shape throughout, liked head and ears, well bodied with well sprung ribs , parallel rear movement with drive. 2. Roger’s Gleann Dynamo at Jeonty. Nice overall appearance and neat outline and moved with purpose, but preferred head of 1. 3. Hannington’s Boudivella Oscar.

OD (4.1) 1. George & Sullivan’s Ch Romainville Billy Whizz. No denying title in front of this boy’s name and a very worthy example, liked overall size, shape and appearance, just a little let down today but coat not being at it’s best, very sound mover. Dog CC and BOB. 2. Hogburn’s Pajantick Star Trooper. Well made dog, solid all over and lots to like, well handled to get the most out of him. Res Dog CC. 3. Howarth’s Donvaleset Liffy at Arkview.

PB (1) 1. Wither’s Patjantick Rockahula. Good basic shape but let herself down on the move and held tail down, coat in good order for age, just needs a little more confidence.

JB (1) 1. Rogers’ Jeonty Minnie Meme. Nice feminine head, well set eyes and ears, muscular neck, well bodied but overall appearance detracted by lack of leg furnishings, when deciding to put it all in moved with a fluid action.

PGB(2) 1. James & O’Brien’s Amhard Jessy Jay. Needs a little more attention to ring training as tended to stand a little wide in front, good head, nicely made body with well set tail, well angulated rear with good bend of stifle, in good coat, moved OK. 2. Hardy & Tune’s Arhard Jeez Louise.  Sound expression and good length of foreface, nice width of head, well proportioned body, not in best of coats and not using tail on the move.

LB (1) 1. George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jean Genie. Very attractive bitch and liked overall shape and balance, well made head, dark eye, small well set ears, strong neck, well bodied, coat in good order, natural and free mover. Bitch CC.

OB (2.1) 1. George, Garnham & George’s Romainville Fade to Grey. Nice overall appearance but not always using ears to advantage, good head, well made shoulders, good body shape, in good coat, moved soundly. Res Bitch CC.

Max King (Judge)


WELKS critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

J (3)

1 Romainville Razzamatazz, a very promising youngster of 11 months, she is of good size & type who presents a good outline, balanced head with a strong skull & jaw, good bone, big rib for her age, correct topline & lovely coat texture;

2 Pajantick Rockahula, a similar bitch having the same sire as the winner but not her maturity at the moment, strong head with a good eye, lovely body for her age with heavy bone, very free mover.

PG (3)

1 Golden Spurs, a mature youngster again of good type head of good proportions heavy boned front correct topline & well set tail lovely coat texture showed steadily & moved with drive;

2 Romainville Freedies Choice, a dog of nice size, but perhaps could carry a little more substance than he has today, he is well constructed giving a good outline well off for bone lovely expression;

3 Rock Buster at Romainville.

O (1)

1 Ch Romainville Billy Whizz, mature & very typical dog he has a balanced head which is broad & tapering neat well placed ears, lovely neck & shoulders with a well boned front, good rib adding to a good topline, well set tail moved & shown with confidence. BOB.


Top Glen of Imaal Terriers 2015

In the UK: Ch Romainville Billy Whizz.

In Ireland: Ch Abberann Phelan who can now have Multi Champion written in front of his name as his Dutch Championship, to add to his Irish and UK, was confirmed just before Christmas.

In Finland: Ch Gleann Una Noonan.

The USA haven’t declared officially for the end of the year but provisionally, and here it is interesting as they run two tables one on Group placings and one on breed placings. The Group table has GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned at number one and the breed table has GCH Emerald Isle Keely with Daulton at the top-she also “manages” number 3 in Group placings also.

The UK also has announced Top Breeder, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch and Puppy. They are, respectively, Romainville, Ch/Dutch/Del Ch Jeonty Wannabe Buster, Ch Brockland Belle Bregorrey and Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty (who is the son of the Finnish Top Glen)

Congratulations everybody; a great year for you all!

It has to be the lead in….

Glen of Imaal Terrier people can be so proud that the lead to the “round up” this week just has to be Working News as we have certainly been out and about in that sphere with a vengeance. First Ollie NACSW Nose Work 3 Exterior (NW3-E) Element title on Monday October 19th in Martinsville, New Jersey and with the cooler weather, he was very energetic and eager to find the hidden birch, anise, and clove scents. Then Griffin with NW2 in Griffin. A near miss for Winston with 3 out of 4 elements in NW2 but he was 2nd fastest in vehicle search whilst Tula got 3 out of 4 in NW3. It doesn’t finish there as Niamh earned her PCD Obedience title. That’s Pre Novice, which will be renamed Preferred Novice come Dec 1. Same exercises as for the CD title except the Stay is not with other dogs (how sensible of the AKC.)

Glens have been showing as well with a Group 1 for Abberann Torcan in Valparaiso, a Group 4 for Emerald Isle Keely with Daulton and a Group 2 OH Keadeen’s Blue Boy for Bluesette in Washington. Even the babies are at it with a Puppy Group 3 for Gleann Elite Ellie in Finland. At other shows My Dear Fellow Brunhilde de Coco was BOB at Hanover, Gleann Una Noonan took the BOB at Seinajoku International with Gleann Cotton Cody Best Opposite and at Midland Counties Romainville Billy Whizz was BOB with Gleann Maggie May Best Bitch and Boudivella Oscar Best Puppy.

The Autumn Discover Dogs took place at ExCell & Lynn Fraser writes ”

On Saturday there were the following: Sally and Alan Barnaby with Murphy and Whizzer ( an honorary glen)

Sean Percy with Leia accompanied by their friend Lesley

Geraldine and Alan Cook (who sadly lost their Glen earlier in the year) who brought everything down and set up the stand

Gordon and Me with Dylan and Misty and on Sunday Gordon, Misty, Dylan and I were joined by

 Kate and Duncan Emms with Daisy and her pup Fergus (6 months)

Beth and Ian Rogers with Basil

Nicki and Richard Montford (without hound, but who were a great help)

Just have to applaud all that news!


3/4 Leaders

As it is now October the three-quarter leaders have been announced by the various papers and magazines that run the contests. In the UK Romainville Billy Whizz is Top Glen of Imaal Terrier. Top Stud dog is Jeonty Wannabe Buster and Top Puppy Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty. Top Brood Bitch has no clear leader whilst Top Breeder is Romainville.

In America Daulton’s Emerald Green is 9 month leader with Canine Chronicles and Dog News has Finnabair Ardmore Ned. If anyone else would like to send their countries results we’ll put them up with pleasure!

Birmingham National & Southern Counties critiques


PD) 1 Amhard Justin Thyme. Nice type, nice length, nice depth, nice head & shoulder. Good temperament, moves good both ways.

JD) 1 Golden Spurs. brindle in good body condition, nice expression, reasonable head, neck & shoulder. Moves freely, coat not at best.

LD) 1 Donvaleset Liffy at Arkview. Reasonable head, little short in neck & upright in shoulder. Good body condition, not moving good behind, moves close in front, needs a better coat.

OD) 1 Romainvilly Billy Whizz. Nice head, good neck & shoulder. Good depth, nice length, big bone & substance, nice free mover, good coat & condition, well presented & handled. CC & BOB. 2 Whites Ch & IrCh Abberann Phelan. Another nice dog who showed very well. Good head & neck, a little loose in shoulder. Big hindquarters, nice tailset, needs a better coat, moves freely & shows well. RCC. 3 Ch Kirikee Ronan O’ Gara.

VD) Donvaleset Rebus. 8.5 years old in great condition for age, nicely presented, good temperament, moves a little close behind.

PB) 1 Romainville Anna Belle. Top class puppy with a bright future. Lovely outline, good neck & shoulder, lovely body & coat. Great temperament, well presented & shown, moves very well. BP. 2) Amhard Jeez Louise. Another nice puppy in excellent coat & condition, pleasing head & expression, just needs a little more sparkle.

PGB) 1 Romainville Fade To Grey. Verynice type with good neck & shoulder. Moved freely but a little close. Needs a better coat. RCC. 2) Romainville Uptown Girl. Brindle of reasonable type, needs much better presentation, not performing well.

OB) 1 Ir Ch Abberann Derbla. Nice type, good head, neck & shoulder, nice topline & tailset. Good coat & body condition. Good bone & substance, moved a little stilty & a little wide in front. CC

Harry O’Donoghue (Judge)


SOUTHERN COUNTIES 2015: Glen of Imaal Terriers

JD (1)1 Samuel’s Jeonty Yippe Kiaye, well grown with good substance & coat. Powerful balanced head, strong neck, well ribbed, good topline, slightly set under at rear. Sound but lacks scope. Bite could be better.

LD (3,1a)1 Withers’ Pajantick Star Trooper, wheaten, up to size, good substance & balance, masculine headpiece, muscular neck, good topline & tailset, good angulation & musculation, moves with power & scope. BD;

2 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Rock On, blue of compact build with typical headpiece, strong neck & backline. Rear angulation could be better consequently lacks drive.

OD (1)1 J Yippe Kiaye.

V (2)1 Barnes’ Brockland Blackadder at Malsville, very good head & expression, strong neck & back, good set on, well developed forehand. Would like more rear angulation. Good jacket & size. RBD.

PB, JB & PGB (0).

LB (2)1 Seall’s Bregorrey Madam Defiance, nice size & substance, excellent head & expression, well developed neck, backline, set on, good coat. Firmly articulated front & rear, moved soundly. RBB;

2 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Rock On Ruby, wheaten of nice type & construction, in good coat with pleasing head. Just too much of a good thing.

OB (2)1 Seall’s Bregorrey Lady Belleisle, this is a shapely, well balanced, nice sized exhibit. Strong head of feminine proportions, good neck, topline, tailset, well angulated, moving with scope & precision, good coat. BB & BOB;

2 Seall’s Ch Brockland Belle Bregorrey, liked her head & expression, soundly constructed front & rear, great coat. Lacked body development. Nice size.