Birmingham National critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

I would first like to thank the Officers & Committee for their kind invitation to judge at the show. This was my first time giving tickets in our lovely breed. I had a wonderful day, thank you. many thanks also to the exhibitors who took the time to show their dogs under me.

LIMIT DOG: 1) Hannington’s Boudivella Osca. Nice wheaten. Good head, nice dark eye, good bite. Moved with good drive with nice topline. RCC. 2) Alstead’s Golden Spur. Nice brindle, nice head, dark eye. Nice harsh coat. Moved okay.

OPEN DOG: 1) Sage’s Romainville Fast ‘N’ Furious at Wickholm. Good strong boy, well boned. Lovely head, dark eye, strong jaw, good bite, moved with drive. CC & BOB.

PUPPY BITCH: 1) Hannington’s Boudivella Tegan. Lovely little girl coming on nicely. Nice head, good dark eye, strong jaw, correct bite. Very excited on the move but when settled moved well. One to watch. Best Puppy. 2) George’s Romainville Izzy Wizzy. Lovely blue, nice coat, good head, dark eye, strong jaw, good bite, nice bone, moved okay.

JUNIOR BITCH: 1) Alstead’s Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage. Nice well made girl, good head, dark eye, good bite, moved well with drive. 2) Sage’s Wickholm Breaking Dawn. Larger wheaten of good bone, strong head, dark eye. Moved okay.

POST GRADUATE BITCH: 1) James & O’Brien’s Amhard Jessie Jay. Well put together girl. Nice head, good eye, strong jaw, moved out well with drive.

LIMIT BITCH: 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jean Genie. Nice girl, strong head, nice dark eye, strong jaw, moved sound. 2) Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl. Well boned girl, nice head, mouth okay, moved fine.

OPEN BITCH: 1) George & Garnham’s Romainville Fade To Grey. Stunning girl, nice all round. Head of good size. Lovely dark eye, correct bite, good bone, pleasing to go over, moved well. Bitch CC but pipped for BOB. 2) Ashcroft’s Romainville Moira. Another nice well put together girl. Lovely head, dark eye, good bone, moved well. 3) Seall’s Ch Bregorrey Madam Defiance.

VETERAN BITCH: 1) Seall’s Ch Brockland Belle Bregorrey. What a stunner. She was full of life. Nice strong girl who showed off well. Beautiful head, dark eye, moved around the ring with ease for a 12.5 year old. Well deserved RCC. 2) Sage’s Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm. Again another lovely girl of 8.5. years. Full of charm, in good condition, expression to die for. Nice head eye, excellent bone, moved freely round the ring.

Roger Bill (Judge)

Another week of celebration

Another week and more smiling Glen of Imaal Terrier owners!

In Finland Gleann Elite Ellie took 2 BOBs ahead of her respective brothers, Gleann Expert Edvard and Gleann Eager Edgar. Over at Latvian Winners Pearytail Bonnie B Goode took BOB and became a Latvian Champion. Interestingly cats are shown at the same time-is there any other country that shows the two species together? At the Northern Terrier Club in Sweden McNally’s Gracie became a Swedish Champion.

The Glen Association Show saw Best Dog, Best Veteran and Best In Show go to Grizzlemarsh Digby with Best Bitch to Romainville Fade to Grey. The two Reserves were, respectively, Amhard Just in Thyme and Young May Moon.

Over in the States Theresa Nesbitt writes that “Abberann Torcan had a nice “weekend in Wheaton” with a Group 2 and Group 4 win.  His little sister Abberann Derbla “Ava” made a stunning American debut starting off with a major over 3 champion bitches.” Keadeen Blue Boy for Bluesette also had a great weekend with 3 Best of Breeds, 2 owner handler Group 1s and a Terrier Group 2.

Niamh (with Laura) has staked another title in the “brains” stakes when she qualified Senior in Barn Hunter for the fabulous title of RATS and Oliver earned first place and his 2nd Excellent Speed leg at the Performance Scent Dogs trial in Westborough, MA

Congratulations everybody!







SWKA critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers
Puppy Dog 2

1. Hannington’s Boudivella Oscar 9 months Wheaten Dog, well made, a little immature in head at present. Moved with drive

2. Rogers’ Kingcottage Boogie on Basil, well boned 10 months Wheaten, sound construction, good head. Ear carriage erratic and moved on three tracks.

Junior Dog 1

1. Rogers’ Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty (Imp), blue brindle youngster possessing good strong head, well boned throughout, impressive shoulders and forehand. Well sprung ribs. Balanced construction and moving well, despite his youth more than sufficient quality for CC& BOB.

Post Graduate Dog 1

1. George & Sullivans’s Romainville Jazz Man 2yo blue dog with good bone. Lovely dark eye and pigmentation. Mouth and hind movement less pleasing.

Limit Dog 1

1. Davis’ Donvaleset Rafferty at Viahninns, heavily boned blue dog, good strong head, good mouth, sound construction. Great character but not moving as well as he should.

Open Dog 2

1. George & Sullivan’s Ch Romainville Billy Whizz, quality heavyweight Wheaten, soundly made. Moved with drive and showed well. Carrying a little too much coat making his neck appear stuffy, which it is not. Res CC

2. Rogers’ Bregorrey Wannabe Victory by Jeonty, blue dog well- made but would have preferred a more masculine head. Not moving as well as the winner today.

Veteran Dog 1

1. Hadley’s Ch Donvaleset Rebus, quality blue dog, good bone and substance. Powerful head, strong neck, topline a little flat. Moved soundly, with enthusiasm.

Good Citizen Dog 1

1. Alstead’s Golden Spurs, blue brindle dog with good overall balance. Good head, good mouth, shoulders could be better as could movement.

Limit Bitch 2

1. George & Garnham’s Romainville Fade to Grey, quality blue bitch well balanced throughout. Feminine head and neck, good ribcage. Moved with drive and showed well. CC

2. Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl, blue bitch good proportions. Moved with drive and showed well, would have preferred a tad more bone.

Veteran Bitch 1

1. Hadley’s Donvaleset Domino,blue bitch, well balanced throughout, good bone and substance. Topline a little flat. Moved well and showed with enthusiasm. Res CC.


Is it quietening down?

Not many shows to report upon but as October advances some Glen of Imaal Terrier enthusiasts are still out and about. At South Wales Kennel Association Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty was Best of Breed and Best Puppy (an unusual thing to write in this breed) with the Bitch CC being awarded to Romainville Fade To Grey. The two Reserves were Romainville Billy Whizz & Donvaleset Domino.

Over in America Mad River Valley KC saw Daulton’s Conan from Cill Dara take Best of Breed and Abberann Torcan kept Group Notice of Glens up with 2 back to back Group 2s at Kankakee.

Finnabair Winston O’Reilly has been increasinging to his “letter total” and can now add R.E. (Rally Excellent) after qualifying in Alabama.

Well done all!