Scottish Kennel Club DID see a new Champion crowned in Glen of Imaal Terriers. Enya was awarded the Bitch CC which now makes her into a dual Champion. Her CC and the Reserve Dog CC that was awarded to her brother Homer by judge Jeff Luscott, just thirteen months after he last judged when he awarded Homer the CC and Enya 2nd in Open, certainly indicates that Nick & Ann are leading contenders for travellers of the year in the breed!

The Dog CC and BOB, as reported yesterday, went to Barney (who was the Res CC winner last time) and his dam Brenna once more got the Reserve Bitch CC from Jeff.

SKC entry…not very startling.

The entry for Scottish Kennel Club of 9 Glen of Imaal Terriers isn’t very good but it is hardly a surprise. The judge, Jeff Luscott, only officiated in the ring a mere 13 months ago so everybody is well aware of his recent thoughts. His two tickets winners of that day, Homer & Ceilidh, have nothing to prove under him so SKC is a show where Nick and Karen can save the entry fee.

Birmingham (with 18) and SKC (9) are some of the lowest entries in years. Birmingham is a Thursday & SKC a fast re-judger so they are valid reasons for such poor turnouts but what about the next shows? It is looking as if the attracting of exhibitors this year is going to be a serious problem.

Last for 2009

Scottish Kennel Club have confirmed the May 2009 judge of Glen of Imaal Terriers; it is to be Jeff Luscott. It isn’t much of a secret that SKC did have a few problems with the original choice of judge but appointing one that only officiated in April 2008????  The reason SKC gave was shortage of available judges so hopefully the Glen Association will bear this in mind and move some VERY qualified people up from the B list!

SKC also give notice that there will be NO Glen of Imaal Terrier classes at their August 2009 show.