Open Show Schedules

We’re always happy to put up Open Shows that schedule Glen of Imaal Terriers but the details do need sending..unsubtle hint!

West Midlands Terrier-11th February-Glen judge David Howarth-closing date 16th January

Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire-12th February-Glen judge Mick Oxley-entries close 21st January

Retford Canine Society-20th March-Glen judge Maud Hawkes-entries close 29th February

North Lincs Dog Club-15th April-Glen judge Mark Walshaw-entries close 13th March

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier-April 23rd-Glen judge Jamie Sage (10 classes)-entries close 31st March

and the EFG Open Show is also on April 23rd with Karen Forbes as the judge. Entries close April 10th

As the season draws to a close.

Championship Shows are ending for the year so why not show your Glen of Imaal Terrier at an Open Show? The Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire has a show in November with Stephen Ashcroft judging and West Midlands Terrier sees Mike Brown doing their December Show. If anybody wants to publish their Open Show (without or with breed judges as the above two gents are) just let us know