Open Shows 2019

Schedules are available for various Open Shows scheduling Glen of Imaal Terriers in 2019.

Lichfield                     26th January           Wendy Tobijanski  (entries close this Sunday)

West Midlands Terrier    9th February        Amy Hannington   (entries close 14/01)

Yorkshire Sporting Terrier  10th February   Archie Bryden      (entries close 19/01)

Retford                       17th March              Mark Walshaw       (entries close 22/02)

EFG OPEN SHOW     27th April                Colin Powell           (entries close 18/04)

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier   27th April   Matt Smith            (entries close 08/04)

The EFG Open Show  & Birmingham G&T are held at the same venue so there is the chance to do two shows in one day with only one set of travelling costs!

Open Shows Spring 2018

Now the 2018 diaries and wall planners are out here are a few Open Shows to fill the pages. All are scheduling Glen of Imaal Terriers.

West Midlands Terrier-Saturday 10th February-Glen judge Darwin Martin-Entries close 15th January

Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire-Saturday 17th February-Glen judge Mark Walshaw-Entries close 3rd February

Retford Canine Society-Sunday 18th March-Glen judge Sherril Goodwin-Entries close 26th February

North Lincs Dog Club-Saturday 31st March-Glen judge Tan Nagrecha-Entries close 6th March

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier-Sunday 22nd April-Glen judge Bob Blackley (10 classes)-Entries close 2nd April

and the EFG Open Show is also on April 22nd with Frank Kane judging so a great chance to do two shows in one day!

Closing dates

Manchester Sporting Terrier (schedule as .pdf below) and Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire close tomorrow. They are both excellent shows, and do great cake! Glen of Imaal Terriers are to be judged by Thomas West at Manchester and Keith Holroyd at Yorkshire.

MST Schedule 1st Nov 2015


Open Shows coming up.

We’re always happy to put up Open Shows that schedule Glen of Imaal Terriers but the details do need sending..unsubtle hint!

West Midlands Terrier-14th February-Glen judge Stephen Ashcroft-closing date 19th January

Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire-15th February-Glen judge Ann Bradley-entries close 24th January

Retford-22nd March-Glen judge Janes O’Brien-entries close 1st March

North Lincs-6th April-Glen judge John Bond-entries close 9th March

and the EFG Open Show is on April 19th with Martin Phillips as the judge. Entries close March 26th


And another…

Another Open Show for the immediate diary. Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire is on 17th February and the 2 classes for Glen of Imaal Terrier will be judged by Rachel Leeson.

It was asked if the EFG blog would be willing to give a bit of publicity to Open Shows? Of course as the tag line of the blog is “Keeping Glen of Imaal people up to date”. Any news (show or otherwise) is always welcome but it has to be sent along. Just like the information was that WELKS and Southern Counties are putting Glen classes on this year.

Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire: Urgent!

Calling all Glen exhibitors in the EastMidlands/North East.

Today is the very last day for getting an entry into Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire. This is one of the most traditional of terrier shows with an honourable history, but unless there is a decent entry this might be the last show they are able to run and Bury has just finished after many years.

There isn’t a single Glen entered.The show takes place on Nov.11th at Brodsworth Miners Welfare, Woodlands, Doncaster. The judge is Linda Matthews – through the late Brenda Jones (Zippor), Linda has a long-standing connection with the breed. She is travelling all the way from Wales to judge.

Contact Christine Marshall on 01924 463899 TODAY – tomorrow will be too late!