Bath Critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

PD (1) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jazz Man, head of good width & good muzzle, well defined stop, good eye shape, good ears, strong & good length in the body, good bone & depth of body, correct topline, good coat & condition, good front action, a puppy of very good breed type. BP.

JD (0).

PGD (1) 1 Withers’ Pajantick Star Trooper, good skull & muzzle, good eye shape & well set ears, good neck & bone, strong body & correct topline, good coat texture, good front action & held good shape in profile.

LD (1) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Billy Whizz, masculine balanced head with good expression, good eye shape & colour, well set ears, strong body of good length, good fore & aft movement & presented in coat of good texture, a balanced dog of good breed type. RCC

OD (1)1 Welch’s Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, masculine head with good skull, stop & taper to the muzzle, good round eye of good colour, strong neck & good length to body, in excellent condition for age & holds a good picture when covering the ground, good coat texture & full of breed type. CC & BOB.

PB (0).

JB (1) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Fade To Grey, feminine head with good expression & muzzle, good eye & expression, strong & balanced, good length & also well ribbed, good muscle & body condition, presented in good coat & well set tail, covered ground well.

PGB (0).

LB (2) 1 Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl, a quality balanced head with good skull, stop & correct muzzle, good neck & bone, good length in body, a strong picture but balanced & presented in good coat of good texture, good front action & also holds correct topline. RCC; 2 Seall’s Bregorrey Madam Defiance, another balanced feminine exhibit with good head & balanced shape, also full of breed type & holds a quality picture on the move, strong & well bodied but felt the winner just was in better coat & finish today.

OB (1) 1 Seall’s Bregorrey Lady Belleisle, feminine head with good width of skull, good stop & muzzle, good round eye of good colour, well set ears, strong neck & body, good rib & correct topline on the move, active & full of ring presence, good coat texture & in good condition. CC.