Nosework is the new black!

Always it is the unexpected that catches imaginations. Last week, after Oliver and the Woody, the emails and conversations were all about nosework/tracking. This is another site for anybody interested in the UK and Tiina has promised photographs of a Glen of Imaal Terrier tracking in Finland.

Ollie does it but what about here?

A few weeks ago, just after everybody read about the magnificent Oliver and his nose, the question came in about nosework in Europe. Hadn’t any real clue if any Glen of Imaal Terrier’s did it here…and that was the reply given….. but now there is something different to say.

Woody (and Cresta because somebody has to hold the lead) have taken up a new challenge and it is nosework! This is them at the recent Cesky Terrier tracking day, the pair of them are feeling quite inspired and most certainly will be continuing. Anybody else doing it?

Glens CAN do it!

Last week, in the round up, mention was given to a Glen of Imaal Terrier obtaining a tracking title. This led to a couple of people emailing with a “tracking?” Thanks to Kelli Whitfield, the co-owner of tracker Winston (Finnabair Winston O’Reilley), for the following

Obtaining a tracking title requires the dog be certified before the trial and a certificate must be sent with the registration for the trial. Then the club hosting the trial does a draw of the dogs entered to see which dogs will be allowed to run the tracks. This trial was limited to four TD tracks. On the morning of the trial, the judges hold a briefing and there is a draw to see which order the dogs entered will run  the tracks. Winston got to run the second track. The tracks are aged for 30 minutes (minimum) to 2 hrs (maximum.) The tracks are laid early in the AM before the drawing and allowed to age as the dogs are drawn and run. Two judges must be present to judge the track and the track consists of 3-5 turns and a maximum of 500 yards. The dog must navigate the track and turns with no direction from the handler and find and indicate the article at the end.

It was an exciting event! We have been training Winston for tracking since he was about 12 weeks old. We are so proud of him!