Glen Association critique

The Glen of Imaal Association Champ Show. 25/11/2018.

I was thrilled when invited to judge the club show so thank you to the committee. My steward worked hard and kept it all flowing smoothly so a big thank you to Jenny. I worry about our breed as I see more and more long straight forelegs and heavy ears but seem to be acceptable by some judges, please note these are bad faults.

Puppy Dog K. George. Teamarch Rock Steady Beat. Stood alone. Nice head with dark eye correct front, sturdy body good bone, deep chest level top line good turn of stifle, in lovely condition, front movement correct but rear a little close behind. Best Puppy.

Junior Dog 1st. A. Hardy. Amhard Off The Cuff. I liked this young lad. Nice head correct mouth, ears, strong jaw dark eye lovely expression with a hint of mischief about him, strong body with deep chest level top line correct front with position of feet at just the right angle enough upper arm, well muscled moved sound. Considered him for the reserve CC. 2nd. Mr. A. Hickmam. Romainville Rock A Fella. A handsome boy strong head good width in skull lovely eye good spring of rib deep chest correct shoulder placement ample bone and muscle, nicely shown in good condition. Moved sound.

Post Graduate Dog. 1st. A. Hardy. Amhard Manhattan. A upstanding lad who has a lovely head good mouth strong jaw dark round eye correct ear shape and size good width between ears strong neck with good lay of shoulder correct front with slight turn of front feet, nice length of upper arm, deep chest good spring of rib well off for both bone and muscle, Moved sound. Pleased to award him CC.

Open Dog I was shocked that all three males in this class gave their owners a hard time and let themselves down badly. 1st. J. Hannington. Boviolvella Oscar. I have always likes this this boy he has a lovely head neck and shoulders, well bodied with deep chest good spring of rib level top line correct front well placed feet, good bone well muscled moved sound. Reserve CC. 2nd. A. White. IR Ch. Abberann Cosmic Cowboy. (imp USA ). He looked a little young in this class after saying that he has a lovely head, good mouth, eye and ear shape good front correct upper arm front feet placed nicely strong neck sturdy body with deep chest level top line nice turn of stifle. Moved sound. 3rd. Dr. J. Alstead. Ch. Golden Spurs.

Veteran Dog J. Penny. Grizzlrmarsh Digby. A 10 year old with a lovely expression, big round dark eye correct ear shape level top line,well bodied and muscle for age but then this breed seems to get better with age. moved sound.

Junior Bitch1st. K. Forbes. Jeonty Dream’s A Dream with Karensbrae. A young lady with a lovely expression, good mouth dark eye level top line, small neat feet, coat a little soft but this time of year most of us suffer with our Glen’s coat not being quite right. Moved well fore and aft.

Post Graduate Bitch 1st. S. Smith. Bendikes Edith May. Feminine head dark eye, good mouth ear front neck and shoulder, well off for bone and muscle. Best mover in this class. 2nd. A. Hardy. Amhard Mai Tai. Pretty girl with a correct bite, ear and eye shape and colour good front with slight turn of front feet, deep chest with correct shoulder placement, had best feet in this class, moved well. 3rd. J& J. Hall &Saletty. Bendikes Fidelma.

Limit Bitch 1st. K. George. Romainville Izzy Wizzy. Drawn to this girls lovely dark eye, strong fore face but still very feminine correct front and position of feet, deep chest good lay of shoulder level top line well boned and muscled nice turn of stifle, coat in beautiful condition moved sound, Reserve CC. 2nd. K. Forbes. Jeonty Dream’s A Dream with Karensbrae.

Open Bitch. A. White. IR Ch Abberann Reach For The Stars Ryane. A nice looking lady with a beautiful expression, correct ear shape and size, dark eye, good mouth, correct front and position of front feet, deep chest good spring of rib level top line, correct tail set, nice turn of stifle ample bone, good width of thigh, well muscled. Moved well. Pleased to award her the CC. 2nd. A. White. CH, IR CH & NL CH Daultons Midnight Sky of Galore. Dam of CC winner and much of the comments apply, she is also well boned and muscled, beautifully turned out and moved well but just preferred movement of my 1st place. 3rd. Dr. J. Alstead. CH. Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage.

Veteran Bitch. S. Smith. Grizzlemarsh Dorathea. This lady has such a kind eye with a beautiful expression, well bodied correct lay of shoulder level top line, well boned and muscled 10 years young and moved really well. Best Veteran.

Val Harley (Judge)

Glen Association entries close tomorrow

Entries for the Glen Association Championship Show close tomorrow (postmark). It’s at Shenstone Village Hall, Shenstone, Lichfield WS14 0LT and Val Harley is the judge. Anne Hardy, Nairn Lodge, Sutton Crossroads, Retford, Notts. DN22 8QL is the lady to get your entries to.

The schedule can be downloaded here

Glen Association Championship Show

Schedules are available for the Glen of Imaal Association Championship Show. It will be held on Sunday 25th November at Shenstone Village Hall, Barnes Road, Shenstone, Lichfield. WS14 0LT. The judge is Val Harley and judging will begin at 12.00 noon.

Entries close November 6th and a schedule can be downloaded here



A big thank you to the committee for my invitation to judge our lovely breed at this great Championship show, Thank you my two stewards who kept things rolling nicely and thank you the owners and exhibitors for your entries.

PD (2 Entries) Abs: 1 1st:  Romainville Becks Blue Owner K. George & N. Sullivan. Eleven months old with good head, eye and ear set, correct bite, good front lots of heart room. Not over angulated moved sound.

JD (4 Entries) Abs: 0 1st:   Boudivella Oscar. A. Hannington. I like this young lad, looked really well and moved with drive, he has a lovely head, correct bite good front and rear, top line with correct amount of rise not over done.Deserved Reserve DCC, well done 2nd:   Pajantick Razamataz,  L. Hogburn  My Best Puppy and a little cracker he is, lovely expression, dark eyes, good bite and ear set. liked his front, moved really well round the ring. 3rd:  Rock Buster from Romainville. K. George  Res Kingcottage Boogie On Basil  M & Mrs Rogers

PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 1st:   Amhard Justin Thyme . Mr & Mrs Hardy. A young lad who has really matured into a god looking boy, great head piece good width of skull, correct bite, nice eye, liked his front and position of feet, deep chest, not to long in body, nice angulations, moved really well. Was pleased to award the Dog CC  2nd:   Golden Spurs. Dr. J. Alstead. I have always liked this young man but today his movement let him down plus he looked very young for this class…which is good for his owner, a slow maturing glen is the best to have.  3rd:  Romainville Freddies Choice. Mr & Mrs. A. Dunning

OD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 1st:  Amard High Flyer. Mr & Mrs M. Hardy. A young lad who is a good mover, got a nice head, eye colour good and a correct mouth, liked his front and feet, today for me he needed a little more weight on. 2nd:  Pajantick Star Trooper. Miss. L. Hogburn. This young lad looks lovely in stance and moving around the ring he proves to be sound, he has a stunning head a great body, his coat looked lovely but just preferred the bite  on 1st.

PB (2 Entries) Abs: 0 1st:  Jeonty Minnie Meme. Mrs.J. Rogers.  A wheaten lady who moved sound, nice head good bite lovely eye colour. solid body with neat feet. Tail set correct angulations not over done. 2nd:  Pajantick Rockahula. Mrs J. Whithers. A baby that had the sweetest expression  of the day, loved her head and eye colour, good bone, correct front. sturdy  body for a baby, she didn’t feel like running round the ring today so movement could not be assessed.


PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 1st Ellerton Dusky Beauty. Mrs B. J.Baldock. A young lady who is very talkative while she is being gone over by a judge, a lovely head, correct mouth nice eye colour and shape. lovely front, ample bone, deep chest not over done in stifle, moved sound, really like this young lady and will watch her future with interest. Pleased to award her the Reserve BCC, well done. 2nd:   Amhard Jessie Jay, A. & J. O’Brien & P & D. James.  This young lady is coming on in leaps and bounds, a great head and expression correct bite, sturdy body nice front, great angulations front and rear, was stacked and looked beautiful but movement a little erratic today,  her day will come I am sure.

LB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 1st: Romainville Rock On Ruby. K. George. I have judged this young lady before when she was lacking coat, but today she is in full coat, nice type, she  has a lovely head  strong but feminine, good foreface, correct bite, ears and eyes. her front is correct giving a good front movement, deep chest, well boned. A good  rear driving action.  Pleased to award her the BCC and BOB. well done. 2nd: Amhard Indy Kate . Mr. & Mrs. Hardy. A lovely little lady so sweet, adorable expression  head not to ignore nice amount of width across the skull correct bite, ear placement and front. She can show the rest how to move but today a little to much tuck up for me. 3rd:  Romainville Uptown Girl . Miss. A. Hannington.

VB (1 Entries)  1st: 9644  Ch Jeonty Maybe Daysee . Mrs. J. B. Baldock. A champion that has had everything said about her that can be said. Today her movement let her down for top spot.

Val Harley (Judge)


Want to plan the year?

The following judges have been confirmed for Glen of Imaal Terriers at Championship Shows 2016:-
Crufts: Bill Brown-Cole

National Terrier: Jeff Luscott

Birmingham National: Val Harley

SKC: Jean Rogers

Bath: Paul Wilkinson

Leeds: Don Harley

WKC: Pat Chadwick

Darlington: Max King

SWKA: Jeff Horswell

Glen of Imaal Association: Tim Harrison

Anybody know the Belfast judge?

As the 2016 diaries come into the shops…

For anybody in the UK who likes to advance plan the 2016 Glen of Imaal Terrier judges these are the ones already approved by the Kennel Club:-

13/03/2016 Crufts Mr W Browne-Cole

02/04/2016 National Terrier Club Mr J Luscott

05/05/2016 Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd Mrs Valerie Harley

27/05/2016 Bath Canine Society Mr P Wilkinson

16/09/2016 Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd Mr M S King

07/10/2016 South Wales Kennel Association Mr J Horswell

27/11/2016 Glen Of Imaal Terrier Association Mr Tim Harrison

and if you would like a customised EFG diary for yourself or as a Christmas present why not give Jean Rogers a ring or send her an email?


Welsh Kennel Club critique

The 3rd critique in a week so many thanks to the judges. People enter to know what the judges think so it is appreciated when they take the time to put finger to keyboard!! (Unsubtle hint for any future judges)

Glen of Imaal Terriers

V D. 1st.  Mr and Mrs ML & A Hardy. Amhard Damson Sauce.Nice head with good eye colour, correct ear size and shape strong neck, well laid shoulder correct top line. He has a good front with nice turn of feet,well muscled, good turn of stifle and still looks good  from all angles when moving. Best Veteran.

PD. 1st. Dr. J. Alstead. Panjantick Golden Spurs. Nice head and expression, good jaw and bite, nice eye colour, correct ear shape and size, a good front  with neat feet. well lay of shoulders with correct top line, moved when settled but still very much a baby.

JD. 1st. Dr, J. Alstead. Panjantick Golden Spurs.

PGD. Mr and Mrs ML & A Hardy. Amhard High Flyer. Nice head with good stop, strong jaw with correct bite,  correct front, and  turn of feet, strong neck,  good shoulder placement, level top-line  with gentle rise to a strong loin, really well muscled thighs, good turn of stifle, well off for bone through out, moved well fore and aft.

2nd. Mr and Mrs I & C. Squires. Bendikes Edward Bear. A boy  that has not yet fully matured  but with saying that he has a nice head with good fore face, strong jaw with correct bite and ear shape and size. right front  with correct turn of feet,  good lay of shoulders. nice topline with that gentle rise to the loin.   Preferred movement of 1st.

3rd. Mrs. P J Withers. Panjantick Star Trooper.

OD. 1st. Mrs M A. Quinn. Kirikee Ronan O’ Gara. A nice size boy with a lovely head which  has a good stop, strong jaw, correct ear size and shape, nice wide front with correct neat feet.  moderate in lenght and well muscled neck,  good  lay of shoulders, deep chest well sprung ribs, level topline with rise to a strong loin, good hind quarters that’s well muscled,  well off for bone through out,  nice coat, looked good in stance and moved effortlessly around the ring whilst still keeping his shape, built to do a days work. Pleased to award him the Dog CC.

2nd. Mrs K. George & Miss N C Sullivan. Romainville Billy Whizz. Another up standing boy with nice head strong jaw lovely round eyes of good colour, well boned legs and body, good lay of shoulders correct topline deep chest nice angulations all round, in beautiful coat, moved well. Reserve CC.

PB. 1st.Mr and Mrs ML &A. Hardy. Bonny Nell. A little girl with lots to like, super little head  for one so young with the best of expressions, strong jaw with correct bite,  lovely round eyes with a look that makes one melt, ears of correct size and shape, good neck and shoulders, correct front with enough bone, feet placed well, good body with  correct topline, nice turn of stifle. When settled she moved nicely round the ring, I took a long hard look  at her  as she pressed hard  for  the reserve cc.  Was pleased to award her Best Puppy

JB.1st. Mr and Mrs ML & A. Hardy. Amhard Indy Kate. Nice head with good stop, strong jaw good  bite, nice shape ears, correct front and body shape, level topline with the rise to strong loin, good bend of stifle. Moved well.

PGB. 1st. Mr and Mrs I & C. Squires. Young May Moon. A young lady that has come on in leaps and bounds, head of good width,strong jaw correct bite big round eyes correct ear shape and size, nice front with well placed feet, plenty of bone, strong neck, good lay of shoulders, well sprung ribs, level topline, well muscled thighs, nice angulation through out,  looks lovely when stacked. moved well. Reserve CC.

2nd. Mrs K. George &Miss N C. Sullivan. Romainville Rock On Ruby. A big bitch which hid nothing as she came today with no coat, a lovely head , strong  jaw round eyes of good colour, well off for bone, great body to go over, nice deep chest, level topline, well muscled hind quarters, good angulations all round, moved beautifully around the ring.

OB.1st. Mrs K. George, & Miss N C Sullivan. Romainville Ellie. Another nice girl from this well known kennel, super little head, strong jaw correct bite. lovely eyes and expression. good front with correct feet placement, right amount of bone,moderate neck good lay of shoulders level topline gentle rise to strong loin, deep chest, well muscled thighs with correct turn of stifle, in good coat that gleamed, looked good in stance and movement, she moved round the ring with a good rear drive action. I was pleased to award her  the Bitch CC and Best of Breed.

2nd. Mr and Mrs ML & A. Hardy. Amhard Ginger Galore. Another good bitch to go over, a lovely head with a strong jaw correct mouth, nice round eye correct ear shape and size,  good wide front  to allow  plenty heart room  well boned legs of correct shape, strong neck onto well laid shoulders, deep chest level topline, well muscled hind quarters and good angulations all round. Coat of correct texture and  of nice lenght. Moved sound.

Val Harley-Judge