We’re talking A LOT about puppies!

Back on the 15th September the question was asked what would people like to talk about? A few interesting emails ensued, thanks for them and they will be discussed, but without doubt “the biggie” that caught the ireĀ of UK Glen of Imaal Terrier owners was the number of puppies available for sale in the UK during the summer. There were emails, telephone calls, actual conversations and in this virtual world that is the biggest sign of consternation!

It wasn’t a lack of puppies that was causing the worry, it was the excess. Yes, there were too many Glen babies to go around. One direct email quote will sum up “In a breed that needs an owner that knows what they are doing how the bl***y h**l was there 35 looking for homes at one time?” A conversation at a show began with “is it really true that….” and ended with “…but why?” That is the million dollar question and some answers to it aren’t too politically correct.

Is it the pushing by the Kennel Club that Glens are a Vulnerable Breed and there needs to be more puppies bred? 17 for sale listed at one time to the same breeder certainly says they have adopted the KC word for it with enthusiasm. For “the good of the bitch” is a right load of baloney but it was heard this year and so was “for the good of the breed” and that’s back to the blasted Vulnerable Breed status again. As one concerned Glen owner said “you used to have to wait for a puppy. Have we even joined the instant want, instant get market then? It was also realised by experienced people that 35 listed on the KC website probably wasn’t the full number of pups available and it wasn’t as some breeders had, as it used to be, sold their pups before they were whelped.

Does the breed needs a puppy co-ordinator, is anyone willing to volunteer? Anybody mating their bitch needs to inform and anybody accepting a bitch to their dog needs to tell them to let a co-ordinator know or pass the message along themselves.



Didn’t Jason polish up well but his beautiful cream trousers wouldn’t have done if it was muddy. It was a wonderful bit of populist broadcasting but the dogs looked good so we forgive PaulĀ repeating (once again) the myth of less than a thousand Glens worldwide. The global Glen community is getting a bit brassed off with it but what the heck; why should facts ruin a good story!

We can announce something for the men at the PRA Weekend in July. A lawnmower firm is coming with some of their very, very, very interesting sit and ride tractor mowers so now the menfolk have no excuse not to come. If you want any information about their products taking along just have a look at their website and email your requirements for brochures but don’t forget to tell them it is for the Glen of Imaal PRA Fundraising Weekend at Swineshead.