Oct-Dec 2018

The Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement for the final quarter of 2018 is out. Glen of Imaal Terriers registered 48 for the year, exactly the same as 2017. Somebody, somewhere (as Crufts is here soon) will attempt to get a few lines in the press about “Vulnerable Breeds” and as Glens are in the bottom five of registration figures they may decide to use us. After the debacle of the “rare as giant pandas” year and managing to get that headline off the BBC website when we proved it was false the request went to the Kennel Club NOT to use Glens again and, up to yet, they have been as good as their word but time has passed and people in the KC Press Department have moved on.

Let’s do figures. Four litters were born late on last year that didn’t make the BRS, and Glens don’t generally one have singleton pups. Already this year four bitches have been-or are about to be-mated. Eight litters in a few months….not a lot if you are in a numerous breed but if the Gods are smiling it’ll mean more pups than all of last year’s registration figures.

The figure that everybody needs to know and remember though is this one:12. Twelve, an imperial dozen, the number of roses in a bouquet before we went metric and the number of Glen of Imaal Terriers that needed assistance by Rescue last year. Let’s do it this way as we’re doing figures; the equivalent of 25% of last year’s entire Glen of Imaal Terrier KC registration number had problems. Does this bring home what figures can mean? Absolutely nothing, absolutely everything and already this year, just eight weeks in, five more Glen of Imaal Terriers have been have been notified to Rescue.

Glens may be on the KC Vulnerable Breed list but they are not for everybody. They are not a breed that is cute. They are not fur babies. They are not a dog to be owned on a whim and are most certainly not a breed to take on unless you know what you are doing and what a Glen is. It’s appreciated that not many know that much about Glens so BREED BUDDIES (Here To Help) has been launched this year and the Glen of Imaal Quiz is designed to make you think.

Vulnerable Breeds and the Kennel Club

Pre Crufts the KC put out their usual Vulnerable Breeds press release. It was taken up by a couple of newspapers and even Chris Evans mentioned it on his breakfast show on radio 2. Many owners of breeds appearing on the list, not just Glen of Imaal Terrier people, are left gnashing their teeth in fury every year. The list is just a set of statistics at a point of time and everybody knows stats can be made to say anything….particularly if not fully and totally explained.

Some breeds have never been numerous. Some breeds aren’t all that suitable for the lifestyle people have today. Some breeds know they have a heritage so are very, very careful where puppies go. Other breeds are more popular than they have ever been on a global basis. Why should facts spoil a good headline?

Glen of Imaal breeders have been “checking in” current pups on the ground and there is everything from singletons to big litters. Perhaps we’ll have to do our own year on year registration figures


Doing anything between Christmas & New Year?

From the Ben Reynolds-Frost (Luton Secretary): Every Vulnerable Breed has classes at our Premier Open Show on 29/30 December at Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester, Nr Huntingdon. Internet entries close Thursday 26th November at midnight. If you want classes for next year then you need to enter this year. The following breeds have no entries: BLOODHOUNDS, OTTERHOUNDS, SMOOTH FOX TERRIERS, GLEN OF IMAAL, LAKELAND TERRIER, MANCHESTER TERR, NORWICH TERR, SEALYHAM TERR, IR WATER SPL, LAN HEELER, CARD CORGI and MASTIFFS. Plus the following breeds only have one entry: E.T.T.,DANDIE DINMONT, KERRY BLUES and FIELD SPANIELS. Don’t lose your classes in this area as when they are gone, they will be gone.

It’s Friday again so let’s do a bit of thinking

“Are you now doing Fridays as the serious day?” Friday can be “serious” for as long as folk want to send items that may be of interest to Glen of Imaal Terrier owners, breeders, enthusiasts or followers……so keep them coming!

Vulnerable Breeds: How small is too small? is today’s blog to consider and muse over a cup of tea

Crufts. Less than a week to go!

Less than a week to go until Crufts so it is extra walking and extra tweaking. How can hair alter so much in 24 hours and it is always for the worst.

Those flippin’ headlines of “Glen of Imaal Terrier is Rarer Than the Giant Panda” that turned into an embarrassment all round did actually create a thought. Crufts is coming & every year there are people there who say they have a Glen and nobody knows anything about it so why not make Crufts the start of the 2008 Headcount? If you are coming to Crufts and own a Glen do pick up a Headcount form. They can be got from the Glen of Imaal benches on Sunday, the Glen of Imaal Discover Dogs booth every day or the Vulnerable Breeds information table, also every day.