WELKS & Birmingham G&T critiques.

WELKS (Glen of Imaal Terrier)


Puppy dog< Romainville  Rock on ,George and Sullivan, Strong blue dog,well muscled.good strong head with a good stop,good ear set,bite level. good front,good topline and good strong shoulders, moved ok best puppy.

Junior dog< Pajantick Star Trooper,Mrs J.Withers. good wheaten yearling good strong head with a fair stop fair ear set,good bite.good  strong front. good topline on the move and moved very well, well muscled and boned,good coat. It will be interesting to see how this dog matures. Best Junior RBD.

2)Rogame Alfie, George and Sullivan. Nice wheaten yearling nice head,good ear set .stop fair good bite,good coat and top line fair muscled,move fair.

Open Dog< Romainville Billy Whizz, George and Sullivan Excellent dog,large, he has matured well ,strong,broad head with a good stop and bite,good ear set good strong front.good topline on the move, good coat and moved well. BD,BOB


PGD< Romainville Jean Jeanie a nice brindle bitch good head with good stop,good ear set and bite,good front and top line,nice coat ,moved fair just out of season.

2)Romainville Brigid of Pines, Betts and Sharpe a nice brindle bitch good,head and ear set,stop fair good front and a good harsh coat, well muscled and moved well. this bitch just would not stand and show itself which was a great shame as it may well have got best bitch.

It was nice to see some good strong dogs out on display with good heads and decent type it will be interesting to see how the junior dogs mature in the next 2 years. On muscle 3 of these stood out and it told in the result it was close in both dog and bitch for best of sex. Thank you to my stewards who were excellent and the exhibitors.

S.G.Holmes (Judge)


Thanks to everyone who supported me in my first B list appointment.

Junior 2 (1A)

1st Rogers Jeonty Meme Fern    very eyecatching 7 month old wheaten bitch.  Beautiful coat and condition, delightful expression.  Nice profile and good bone. Great on the move & handled well.  Looking forward to seeing her as she grows.  Definately one to watch for the future. Best Puppy

Post Graduate. 1st  Ashcrofts Romainville Moira  very pretty wheaten bitch.  Pleasing head and good overall shape, nice eye, correct mouth.  Moved well.

Open 3 (1A) 1st Whitehouse & Mcbrine’s Romainville Kyla at Knockcarrig.  Wheaten bitch. Lovely feminine expression, correct mouth, pleasing eye. Good profile, bone and moved very well.  BOB

2nd Ashcroft’s Romainville Typhoon Brindle dog.  Nice type, correct mouth, well muscled and in good coat.  Bit unsettled in the ring, (think he was a bit confused to see me in the middle of it!) RBOB.

Nicki Montford (Judge)