WELKS critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

J (3)

1 Romainville Razzamatazz, a very promising youngster of 11 months, she is of good size & type who presents a good outline, balanced head with a strong skull & jaw, good bone, big rib for her age, correct topline & lovely coat texture;

2 Pajantick Rockahula, a similar bitch having the same sire as the winner but not her maturity at the moment, strong head with a good eye, lovely body for her age with heavy bone, very free mover.

PG (3)

1 Golden Spurs, a mature youngster again of good type head of good proportions heavy boned front correct topline & well set tail lovely coat texture showed steadily & moved with drive;

2 Romainville Freedies Choice, a dog of nice size, but perhaps could carry a little more substance than he has today, he is well constructed giving a good outline well off for bone lovely expression;

3 Rock Buster at Romainville.

O (1)

1 Ch Romainville Billy Whizz, mature & very typical dog he has a balanced head which is broad & tapering neat well placed ears, lovely neck & shoulders with a well boned front, good rib adding to a good topline, well set tail moved & shown with confidence. BOB.


WELKS critique


J (2)1 Romanville Anna Belle, 11 months old bitch with clearly a lot of maturing still to do but has a lovely feminine head, correct bite with good overall balance leading to nice movement. A promising BB;

2 Romainville Maggie May, 13 months old bitch with a good bite & strong, substantial bone, shown in good condition with nice coat. Sadly didn’t really settle in the ring.

PG (1)1 Romainville Fade To Grey, 2 years old blue bitch, still with time to mature but displaying a working type, strength & substance with broad stable shoulders, good bite & harsh coat. RBB.

O (2,1a)1 Romainville Billy Wizz, 3 years old wheaten dog who is hitting his prime. Great bone & substance with good muscle, good bite, harsh coat, lovely balance giving strong movement. A very worthy BOB.

J ATKIN (Judge)