As the season draws to a close.

Championship Shows are ending for the year so why not show your Glen of Imaal Terrier at an Open Show? The Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire has a show in November with Stephen Ashcroft judging and West Midlands Terrier sees Mike Brown doing their December Show. If anybody wants to publish their Open Show (without or with breed judges as the above two gents are) just let us know

Into 2013……

A few weeks ago it was asked if the blog should change direction in any way and, if so, what should it be? There has been responses and there has been things sent so let’s make a beginning…..

Winter and early Spring is the dead season Championship Show wise for Glen of Imaal Terrier people so if anybody wants to get out and about it has to be Open Shows. Open Shows are not what they used to be and are desperate for exhibitors-that is well reported everywhere-so you would think that (hopefully) favourable judges would be engaged.

North Lincs has Terrence D. D. Balfour Burgess (Dobrugh) judging WFT, Border, Cairn, Manchester, Cesky, Glen of Imaal, AVNSC and Group. His breed is French Bulldogs and he is (according to websites) a specialist in Chinese Crested and gives tickets in, amongst other things, Shar Pei so maybe he is a closet terrier fan as well.

Lancs Sporting Terrier has Joan Sheldon (Oozzoo) judging Cesky, Glen of Imaal, Kerry Blue, Lakeland, Parson Russell, Staffordshire, Cairn. Her breed is Staffies so she hopefully has seen Glens occasionally.

West Midlands Terrier and Birmingham Gundog and Terrier are top of the list at the moment for actually appointing judges that have had known contact with Glen of Imaal Terriers!! Matt Garnham (for West Mids) has handled and groomed Glens as well as attending an Association Seminar and Nicki Montford (for Birmingham G&T) has owned and exhibited the breed since 1996!

So it’s looking like applause for the committee of two shows, a cautious acknowledgement for one and a, well it’s different, for the fourth.

Have we been missed?

TThings are beginning to happen again (besides the ice and snow) so let’s begin blogging again for a new season. It’s great that an average of 40 people a day have still checked in on here whilst we were “closed” for the winter so we seem to have been thought about! The news of wins, new titles (show and working) indicates how dedicated some of our Glen of Imaal Terrier people are as they keep travelling out and about through the dark days of January and February. Well done to all of you. A couple of Glens left their people for the longest walk of their lives in the previous few months. Our sympathies to them but they can be assured that they aren’t alone; the eternal Glen family were waiting.

Your news, views, gossip and anything you feel may be of interest are, as usual, always welcome and very appreciated. YOU make this blog what it is. Open Shows don’t usually get much of a mention but West Midlands Terrier deserve to. Often you wait weeks for any news but West Mids manage to put many to shame; their show was last Saturday and their website already has the pictures up!

It’s that time of year

January is just a nothing time of the year so we’re pulling down the shutters, just like last year, until mid February as everybody will be getting ready for Crufts (and Westminster). Some have already checked in to say they’ll be over for the NEC. Look forward to seeing you there and if bringing the dogs remember to carry copies of the new regulations for entering the UK. If you haven’t entered Crufts yet it closes “snailmail” January 9th and online January 16th.

If your Glen of Imaal Terrier has grown enough coat and you are missing the showring West Midlands Terrier (11th February) has Glen classes with Nicki O’Hannlon judging, entries close 13/01 postmark or 28/01 online. If you live further north Yorkshire Sporting Terrier Show on the 19th February has a Glen class judged by Richard Allen. (Schedules from 01924 463899)

It should be noticeably lighter in the morning and afternoon  by then so hopefully  “lightning up” will be the order of the day on  our return.

Could we do it?

At the end of October nostalgia was the order of the day. The fault was Peter Bakewell’s as his West Midland’s critique from 1984 (42 Glen of Imaal Terriers entered) had reduced us all to a heap of fond remembrance so when the suggestion of “shall we……..” was made the reply had to be “why not!” Having good ideas is a great thing but in the cold light of day 6 weeks later would it just be a flop?

Getting stopped on the way into the hall to be complemented on the terrific Glen entry gives hope. A further three stops before the ring is even reached for “My God, you’ve got 10 in Open”, “Have you seen your entry!” and “10, when did Glens last pull 10 in Open?” says things are probably going to be all right……and they were. There was a full entry without one absentee and crates were stacked as they used to be; basement and penthouse. One of the nicest things was they way, as the food, drink, tablecloths and even a Christmas tree came out, other exhibitors came to say how much we had all been missed. It was asked if we would be at LKA (sorry, no classes), what shows we’d be at in 2012 (too early for decisions yet) and was that THE bread pudding? It has even been subsequently learnt that the Glen entry at West Midlands was actually in the conversation at  Lancashire Sporting Terrier the day after.

So the answer to the question of “could we do it?” has to be “yes we could!” Shall we do it again?

An email just in: How come no results with such an entry? As always, it is ask and it’ll be done (within reason of course!). Best of Breed was Jeonty Wannabe Bauer with RBOB to Int/Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad

Parish Notices

The Secretary of West Midlands Terrier advises, that due to the high entry of Glen of Imaal Terriers, the breed are no longer after Staffordshires. The suggestion for Glen exhibitors is to be in the car park by 10.00am which should give time for unloading etc.

The Glen Association Championship Show  is the day after and judging begins at midday. We know, via blog searches, that people are curious about the entry but secretary Anne Hardy says folk’ll have to wait until Sunday!

Anne says she remembers the conversation slightly differently, which is fair enough, so hopefully that’ll mean the figures will be out earlier next year so anybody wondering about travelling in the dark won’t have to trawl the internet looking.

Fancy a mince pie..on a busy weekend?

It’s been a glorious wallow in nostalgia recently but a very valid point has been put. The large get-togethers all over the place stopped when fuel prices initially started to rise so much. We now all know that they are never going to go down again now so why not get-together more often again? If people know that a show is being supported it might nget entries up again!

Who can argue on that so, in fond memory of past hospitality, the EFG would like to announce that mince pies (and possibly other things) will be available at West Midlands Terrier on December 3rd. Schedules are available and the closing date is November 8th (snail mail) and November 15th on line. Glen of Imaal Terriers are 2nd in the ring so it will give plenty of time to talk, exchange Christmas cards and still be home before it gets too dark.

December 4th is the day of the Glen Association Championship Show at Shenstone. Entries close on November 4th and details are available from Anne Hardy  so if anybody fancies a busy weekend….

ADDITION.  Been asked about the entry form for West Midlands? Any you have lying around will do as all the details are on the schedule but an actual West Midlands can be downloaded


Last weekend in Wales “Remember….” came into the conversation a lot. It started as everybody read the present for judge Peter Bakewell. What earned the comment of-I was always told he was one of our most experienced judges but hadn’t realised?.  Back in 1984  Peter had judged West Midlands Terrier  with an entry of 42 Glens and written a long critique. The hand-written document had been found and was grinningly given back to him.  Another CC giving judge present reminisced about entries of that number which led to memories of the wine and beer tasting.  At West Midlands Terrier Glen of Imaal people would hold a wine and beer competition, many were enthusiastic brewers & wine makers, and even get a judge in. One year, possibly 86/87 but nobody was too sure on that, other breed people entered as well and judge Fred Bakewell sent his “notes” to the dog paper-they printed it.

Also in Wales a group got together for supper and that also led to “remember when” we all celebrated a Ruby Wedding together and toasted a new wedding. The list kept getting longer. At South Wales word got out that there was Bread Pudding in attendance and there was even requests for “take outs” for people who couldn’t leave their own rings. All over memories surfaced that were followed with a “why don’t you….”

Times have moved on so the brewing (of immortal memory) can no longer take place but why not to anything else? We have all pulled back a bit recently and it’s flattering to know it has been missed; should we go out again? Let us know.

Welcome to Mr & Mrs Sage!