All done until the days get longer.

That’s it then, time for the annual lie down until the days get a bit longer. There’s a list of Open Shows to look forward to, the KC Journal and the Irish Canine Press to look at, an eye testing clinic to book in for and an AGM to think about. If you haven’t entered for Crufts you still have until the 22nd and if you want to get ahead of the game National Terrier closes on February 22nd.

Remember us when you’re at Westminster or Manchester so hopefully they’ll be a big catch up session round about February 19th.

Keeping on going….

The biggie of the results to catch up with has to be Westminster (hopefully the 180 odd who looked on here last Tuesday/Wednesday weren’t too disappointed we were still on Winter break). GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned made it an incredible three BOBs on the trot so it just has to be one word, besides congratulations, WOW. Best Opposite Sex was his daughter CH Tipperary That Girl. Two Selects were awarded and they were the brother & sister CH Cormac McCarthy & CH Ber-D-Mar My Dream of You Aoife with sire GCH Rainbow Springs Wicklow Warrior of Ber-D-Mar taking the Award of Merit so judge Ron Menaker could certainly see families and more than some may realise. Ned and the dam of the Ber-D-Mar siblings are brother & sister. Ned’s grandsire was the brother of Wicklow Warrior’s grandsire (English bred by a German dog) so besides family we are talking international! Thanks to Jane Fenton for the photographs

Back in January Kathleen O’Donnell (Australia) wrote “Tara (Taufield Queen Of Tara) 6mths first show in Minor got her bitch challenge and BOB then went on to win Minor of group she was so good and stood so well for me she performed well in General Specials (Best in Show) I was so proud of my girl today”. Also in January GCH Kilkenny’s Granite Glen Rooney took BOB/BOBOH and Group 4 at Merrimack Valley KC. The group of shows that make up the Northern Ohio Winter Classic saw two Best of Breeds for Daulton’s Rory & one for Kilkenny’s Granite Aine of Claddagh. At Erie Ch Daulton’s Dark Lily of Caradoc was BOB and then got the nod for Group 3. Two more Group placings for GCH Abberann Torcan, a Gp2 in Minnesota and a Group 4 at Osh Kosh.

The Finns don’t notice Winter so are out and about as usual! A Group 1 for Gleann Dear Dandelion and a Group 1 and BIS4 for Pearytail Cruella de Gleann at Kajaani Puppy Show. At Turkuu International Gleann Cotton Candy was BOB with Stiubhard Cutie Pie at Gleann BOS and obtaining her Finnish Championship. She followed this up with BOB at Parkano Group Show and then took a fabulous Reserve Best In Show. Pearytail Candy McCoy was BOB at Lahti Puppy Show and then went on to Group 3.

In Germany at Chemnitz Fire & Ice Moonraker was twice BOB and at Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire Jeonty Diamond Ring was Best of Breed. In Denmark Gleann Willy the Whale became a Danish Champion. A new Norwegian Champion came into being in MacNallys Glenna-Roisin and at Gent BOB was awarded to Bregorrey Wannabe Victory By Jeonty

The mighty Oliver doesn’t care that it’s Winter as he earned an “Excellent Containers” title at the  Performance Scent Dogs trial in New Hampshire early February.

A great few weeks everybody-very, very well done.


It’s that time of year

January is just a nothing time of the year so we’re pulling down the shutters, just like last year, until mid February as everybody will be getting ready for Crufts (and Westminster). Some have already checked in to say they’ll be over for the NEC. Look forward to seeing you there and if bringing the dogs remember to carry copies of the new regulations for entering the UK. If you haven’t entered Crufts yet it closes “snailmail” January 9th and online January 16th.

If your Glen of Imaal Terrier has grown enough coat and you are missing the showring West Midlands Terrier (11th February) has Glen classes with Nicki O’Hannlon judging, entries close 13/01 postmark or 28/01 online. If you live further north Yorkshire Sporting Terrier Show on the 19th February has a Glen class judged by Richard Allen. (Schedules from 01924 463899)

It should be noticeably lighter in the morning and afternoon  by then so hopefully  “lightning up” will be the order of the day on  our return.

Terriers TODAY at Westminster

Terriers are on today and Glen of Imaal Terriers have the ungodly first hour slot (8.00am). Westminster does video all breed rings so allowing for the five hour time difference, and a few hours for the recordings to go up, the Glen judging may possibly be there around teatime. Glen people worldwide always support each other but this year Westminster is even more “family” as three of the five competitors have UK bred sires!

Well the results are known and crystal ball gazing did not come into it. The 3 UK sired dogs were the BOB, BOS and AOM so congratulations to, respectively, Finn, Piper and Curry!

And over the weekend..

The Westminster circus began with holding of The Associated Specialties (specialties in over 30 breeds) plus three Group shows for Sporting, Hounds, and for the first time on Westminster weekend, Terriers. The Best of Breed Glen of Imaal Terrier G Ch Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty did the breed seriously proud with a Group 4 in such high level competition.

Are Open Show results okay? Of course they are but don’t forget to send them. At West Midlands Terrier Best of Breed Glen was Johnny Be Good at Romainville under judge Jason Atkin.

It’s coming to the end..

The National Dog Show in America has just taken place with nice coverage of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Best of Breed, Gr Ch Coleraines Mandalay Royalty and also a shot of the breed (picture 30) on the nbcsport channel.

The National is held on Thanksgiving which means the end of the year is approaching so it seems a good opportunity to say that the daily coverage of the Glen (and wider) world is also coming to an end FOR THE YEAR. The winter isn’t the easiest time for dog people and once the various end of year “Winners Shows” are over all serious exhibition people will be stripping their Glens out for Westminster, Crufts etc so as they go into semi-hibernation so are we. There will be news and everything on here but nothing like the daily release that there has been for the past two years….until probably February when coats have grown and entry figures for the Spring Shows start arriving.

2011 will see the first FUNdraiser since the discovery of the Adam9 gene mutation. Some will think that the journey is over now but it isn’t as the EFG pledged to match the money and they will! Mr Jeff Luscott will be judging the Companion Show and there will be eye testing by Professor Peter Bedford. All the information will be on here as usual along with anything else that is sent. The EFG blog-keeping Glen of Imaal people up to date the same as always.

Westminster qualifiers

The qualifying period for Westminster ends at the end of October. Westminster is different from the other major shows in the world insofar only the top 5 in each breed can be guaranteed an entry due to the smallness of the venue. Dogs out of the top 5 can attempt to get an entry in but there is no guarantee they will be accepted before the “full sign” goes up.

The Glen of Imaal Terriers, 2 dogs and 3 bitches, that will receive invitations to Madison Square Garden, followed by the number of breed points earned (Glens defeated)  since January 1 that enabled them to qualify are:

1. GCh. Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty (“Curry”)  — 207 points
2. GCh. Daulton’s Maeve of Cill Dara (“Maeve”)  —   48 points
3. GCh. Rainbow Springs Wicklow’s Warrior of Ber-D-Mar (“Finn”)  — 44 points
4. GCh. Daulton’s Hunter Green (“Hunter”)  —  41 points
5. GCh. Daulton’s Oriana of Cill Dara (“Ana”)  —  31 points