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“Do you still want things for the blog? If so, how about this? The Glen of Imaal Terrier has always had different types whatever anybody wants to claim. As far as I’m concerned it’s always been one of the big things for the breed because people have always been able to find what they want but now its becoming ridiculous. Wouldn’t dare comment on what is right and what is wrong but we all have our own ideas! Thing is though what is causing the mix upย that now appears in the ring? Somebody has to ask if the pushing of the genetic diversity idea just doesn’t work with a breed like Glens that have such a mix behind them anyway?”

Don’t you just love emails like that!

9 thoughts on “Sharing an email

  1. An inexperienced group of breeders on average, many breeding and showing dogs for the first time, combined with judges who do not really know or care to know the breed and what else can be expected?

  2. Spot on its a breed thats got alot in it and no bad thing ive found that just do your own thing and breed the type YOU want !The lady above talks through showing and is right but the only way to learn is by trial and error whatever you do in life and after all what any of us really know! arent we all learning a day at a time.

  3. Not even Mrs Seall could send a e-mail like that! I have had some laughs from this page but never have i fell off my chair like tonight!

  4. The interesting thing is how many people think they know who wrote it. Glen people in mainland Europe, the USA and here have been in touch to say that they know it was “x” who wrote it because it was just what they were saying/talking about with them only recently.
    If it’s a subject that has been doing the rounds it’s good that somebody finally threw it in the direction of here.

  5. The shopkeeper in Mr.Ben used to disappear!!!!!!! it it related i wonder!

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