…and we’re now an archive

Eleven years and around four hundred thousand visits indicates this blog for Keeping Glen of Imaal Terrier people up to date has had quite a good innings. It was never considered way back in February 2008 what a mammoth run it would be. It’s grown from one or two people in the UK looking at it occasionally to the largest Glen reference in the world. The reach of it has been phenomenal. If you are one of the 13 in Azerbaijan who have visited this month, thanks for looking. The single people from India, Brazil, Philippines or Serbia thanks for being interested in a breed that we didn’t even know was present in your country. All good things must come to an end though,  there is nothing worse than attempting to keep something going that is past its sell by date, and over the past couple of years or so as numbers visiting have started to decline the blog is bowing its head to the behemoth that is social media.

The blog isn’t disappearing. It’ll remain as the most complete record of a breed for a decade. Everything connected with Glen of Imaals is there in months and months of postings. Brains, beauty, health, events, discussion…it’s all happened. The photographs that have either appeared (or been sent but not quite made it) are on Pinterest so you can wallow in Glendom….and how young we were.

This blog couldn’t have happened without the support of Glen of Imaal Terrier owners and enthusiasts worldwide. Thank you for remembering and for your assistance with everything sent; never knew what those emails with the subject line “is this any use for the blog?” were going to be, it’ll be quiet without them. It’s been a ball everybody, give yourselves a round of applause……..and enjoy occasionally reading the archive of Glen of Imaal Terriers 2008-2019 you might be surprised.

2019 diary updated

Glen of Imaal Terriers 2019. If you know any missing judges do let us know

April 6th       National Terrier                Harold Gay

April 27th     EFG Open Show              Colin Powell

April 28th     WELKS                             Mark Walshaw

May 9th       Birmingham National        Muriel Bailey

May 17th     SKC                                    Tom Mather

May 24th     Bath                                  Paul Eardley

June 2nd       Southern Counties         Howard Ogden

June 16th     Association Open Show    David Howarth (main) Jane Howarth (special)

June 23rd     Blackpool                        Fred Gadd

June 27th     Windsor                           Kathy George

July 20/21    EFG Weekend & Eye Testing (by Peter Bedford) at Swineshead.

July 26th       Leeds                              Ann Bradley

August 16th WKC                                 Eileen Foy

September 13th   Darlington               Margaret McDonald-Cross

September 28th  Belfast                       TBC

October 11th     SWKA                          Jane Withers

October 24th       Midland Counties     TBC

November 24th   Glen Association     Jenny Lowe

December 14th     LKA                         Ann Quinn

EFG Open Show 2019

Schedules for the 2019 EFG Open Show went out to members with the last newsletter. It’s being discovered, in the nicest way, that efficiency isn’t working with some people as they can’t remember where they have put them. That’s okay we’re all human. The schedule is online on the EFG website and hard copies are available from Jean Rogers. There will also be schedules at National Terrier.

The show is on April 27th and Colin Powell will be judging the 12 classes of Glen of Imaal Terriers. The show is held in conjunction with Birmingham Gundog & Terrier so it’s possible to do two shows in one day. Matt Smith is the Glen judge and as Matt is a gamekeeper an actual chance to get the opinion of a working man.

The AGM is also to be held here so the chance to do three things with just one car journey. Closing date for the EFG Open Show is April 18th and Liz will be at national Terrier to take entries. The usual generous sponsorship (£10 Best In Show etc.) has been donated.

SKC (postal) entries closing and WELKS extended.

Scottish Kennel Club (postal) entries close today. Terrier Day is Saturday May 18th and the judge for Glen of Imaal Terriers is Tom Mather. Online entries close (they’ll probably extend but you can’t rely on it) close April 2nd.

West of England Ladies kennel Association have extended their closing date to March 31st. Mark Walshaw will be judging the Glen of Imaal Terriers on Sunday April 28th.

Spring has Sprung

and Glen of Imaal Terrier folk are taking advantage of the slightly lighter evenings.

At Turku International Show Best of Breed was Finnabair North American Nebulon with Best Opposite being awarded to Finnabair Broc Rua Arda of Gleann. Glenrosedale Eibleann Tir Na Nóg was awarded Best Puppy.

In America Cary KC, Durham KC and Alamance KC saw Ber-D-Mar Sweet William O’Shea carrying the Glen banner most admirably with BOB at all three shows. Abberann Lament for Owen Roe was BOB & Gp4 at York Kennel Club and Jeff dairiki sends his excellent full report from the Peninsula Dog Fanciers Club shows in Bremerton, WA.  The entry was ten Glens each day.

Saturday, judge Jacqueline Stacy (group: Terry Stacy, NOHS group: John Wade)

BOB/BOBOH/G4/OHG3 Ciarán, GCHS Keadeen’s Blue Boy for Bluesette

BOW Mac, Daulton’s Breithla Irish Mac

BOS Lulu, GCH Keadeen’s Luck Be a Lady

SEL Emmet, GHCS Keadeen’s Sir Emmet Mingus Glas

SEL Eili, CH Daulton’s Eili from Emerald Isle

WB Bree, Kilkenny’s Freedom of the Moon

 Sunday, judge John Wade:



BOS Lulu

SEL Quinn, GCH Kilkenny’s Love and Happiness

SEL Stella, GCHS Keadeen’s Second Star to the Right

WB Celeste, Keadeen’s Just Like the Moon.

Nice to get news of a Glen in Canada. Gleann Flashmob Stiubhard took 4 Group Placements at Windsor All Breed Dog Club. Believe it was the first time for the owner so well done indeed and congratulations to everybody!



Vulnerable Breeds Competition 2019


Following the popularity of the Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds competition in 2018, the Kennel Club has announced that it will take place again this year, culminating in a grand final at Crufts 2020.

To raise awareness of vulnerable British and Irish breeds, and to recognise those people who are dedicated to their survival and prosperity, the Kennel Club created the competition in 2015. The competition has already proved very popular and at this year’s Crufts, Jane Curtis took the title with her Skye Terrier, Ch Brakemill Barnum ShCM, known at home as Barney.

Following the same format as last year, only the Best of Breed winners at designated group championship shows will qualify for the final.

The competition is open to all vulnerable British and Irish breeds competing at the following group championship shows:

Toy — United Kingdom Toy Dog Society

Terrier — National Terrier Club

Working — National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society

Pastoral — National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society

Hound — Hound Association

Gundog — National Gundog Association

Dogs of breeds which are on the Kennel Club’s vulnerable British and Irish breeds list who win Best of Breed at the above shows will qualify for the competition and will be invited to compete in the grand final at Crufts 2020.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds Competition final is a very important event at Crufts. It is a fantastic way to highlight the plight of these breeds and promote them as the wonderful dogs they are. Jane and Barney certainly did these breeds proud on the famous green carpet this year. 

“It is important that the show societies work with breed clubs of vulnerable British and Irish breeds so that these clubs can inspire their membership to enter the classes and take part in the competition. Crufts is a great showcase for pedigree dogs and the perfect chance to show the world just how special the vulnerable British and Irish breeds really are.”

To find out more about the competition, please go to https://bit.ly/2buSbPc. All Crufts finalists will be notified by the Kennel Club.