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Leeds (postal) entries close tomorrow

Leeds Championship Show (postal) entries close tomorrow. Terrier Day is Saturday July 22 and Glen of Imaal Terriers are to be judged by Bob Cross

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Vulnerable Breeds at Crufts 2018

The Kennel Club writes “Following the popularity of the Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds Competition at Crufts, the Kennel Club has announced that it will take place again this year, culminating in a grand final at Crufts 2018.

To raise awareness of vulnerable British & Irish breeds, and to recognise those who are dedicated to their survival and prosperity, the Kennel Club created the competition in 2015. Although only in its infancy, the competition has already proved very popular and at this year’s Crufts, Trevor Hayward took the title with his Smooth Collie, Ch Clingstone’s Hot Shot at Foxearth.

Following comments made by competitors, it has been decided that only the Best of Breed winners at the group championship shows will qualify for the final, in order to raise the standard of the competition.”

Good, there is a showcase at Crufts but read the Press Release again: BOB at group championship shows will raise the standard of the competition. Huh? is the phrase that springs to mind as the logic rather escapes. Let’s take the breed we are as an example

Glen of Imaal Terriers will qualify at National Terrier and as that has already taken place it is known it’ll be Golden Spurs (sent forward by Peter Bakewell) that’ll be the breed representative. He’s a three year old, just starting to get it all together and should be fine but what if he had awarded the Bitch CC winner BOB? She absolutely deserved it but is still very young and chances are she’d be “in a stage” come next Spring-would seeing a naturally bit gawky youngster raise the standard? Glens now have Challenge Certificates and we play by the unofficial rules, if a judge has awarded you the CC you don’t enter under them again, so what if an NT judge is one that officiates regularly? A good selection of Glens wouldn’t be entering.

Also Glen of Imaal Terriers are a stripped breed. Some owners strip out after the Glen Association Show ready for Crufts and NT but others prefer their dogs to be just coming in coat for the Association Show so they are a bit long for Crufts and then they are stripped. Just one qualifying show for any breed that has a coat isn’t likely to “raise the standard” by anyone’s imagination that knows anything about dogs.

Wasn’t the whole idea of the previous points system one to get the so-called Vulnerables out and about and seen? Points were picked up in breed classes at both championship and open shows. If you didn’t want to, or weren’t able to, spend the money chasing around the big money championship shows you could still stand a chance of qualifying via the open show route. Everybody knows the best dogs don’t always appear at the best shows but that seems to have been forgotten. It was a competition that meant everybody, if they so wished, could have a go at because in the year somewhere there will be a few months when your dog will be in coat, there will be judges that like your type, she won’t be in season, will get the floor surface they like, there won’t be a bitch in season at home, it won’t be too hot etc. etc. Under these new rules “dedicated to their survival” (as per the press release) just means turning up to one show!


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Blackpool & Windsor entries

Blackpool & Windsor have announced their entries. There will be 6 Glen of Imaal Terriers at Blackpool. Terrier Day is Friday 23rd June. Windsor has 5 Glens entered and Terrier Day is Saturday 1st July

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Glen folk….always busy

Two choruses of “Summertime” and the Glen of Imaal Terrier world continues to shine.

At Swords Show in Ireland Abberann Conan was Best of Breed with Abberann Reach For The Stars Ryanne Best Bitch. In Norway (not many results from there) at Tromso International Glenrosedale Ardal Ridire Ain Ri took the top spot with Gleann Gilda with Nelli Best Opposite. Kotka International was a success for Pearytail Cherry Bomb with Gleann Eager Edgar leading the dogs.

Over in the States a win that I’m not sure has been covered before; a Bred By Exhibitor Best In Show. Does any country have this other than America? Finnabair Caatskill Bring It On at Broc Rua was the lady who annexed it at Greater Venice Florida Dog Club. Finnabair Caatskill Goldie was BOB there and Coleraine’s Hob Nobs at Caraglen BOS at one of the shows with Finnabair Double D Friend of a Friend annexing BOB above Caatskill Goldie Best Opposite. St Petersburg Dog Fanciers Association saw a Group 4 for Finnabair Double D Friend of a Friend with Bring It On Best Bitch and at the second show it was again Double D-plus another Gp4-Finnabair Shorelyne Caatskill Comedy Tonight BB. Echo Hills Kennel Club of Ohio two day show was a (2)Best of Breed for Daulton’s Caoimhe of Pine Meadow and Daulton’s Ciaran at Pine Meadow took (2)Best of Opposite Sex. Back to Back shows at Bryn Mawr (PA) saw Tipperary Columbo victorious both days ahead of Tipperary American Girl.

The Group placements continue to come with Kilkenny’s Across the Universe at Setanta Best of Breed Thurs, Friday, Saturday at Grayslake with Abberann Torcan taking it on the Sunday. Aberann Phelan has now added Canadian Champion to his tally with a Group, 2 Group 2s and a Group 3! Also hearing of a Group Placement for Keadeen Sir Emmet Mingus Glas in Idaho….anybody care to send the details? Kate saw the appeal and sends the following “Emmet and I are now nearly halfway through the annual 14 day Idaho/Montana show circuit. The circuit starts in Filer, Idaho with a 2 day show hosted by the Snake River KC show. Judges Terry Stacy and R C Williams awarded Emmet a NOHS Terrier Group 1 and 2 before we moved on to Blackfoot, Idaho. We showed 2 of the 4 Blackfoot KC show days earning a Terrier Group 4 under Judge Kenneth Berg and both a NOHS Terrier Group 1 and 2 under Judges Pamela Peat and John Wade. Now, for the last 8 days of consecutive show days spread over 3 different Montana venues: Billings, Great falls and Missoula. I’ll keep you posted –

Congratulations indeed everybody!!



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Crufts might seem forever ago..

..but the online Terrier Group magazine has just bought out their summer edition and it includes a Crufts roundup. There are two photographs of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Best of Breed Wickholm Breaking Dawn on page 57.

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And the Kennel Gazette features…..

…..the Glen of Imaal Terrier!

Glens are the breed put forward for “Judges’ Choice” in this month’s KC Gazette and there are some interesting choices. The whole piece is led off with a very nice photograph of Connor Quinn on the front cover and he, along with Bran Clark, are the main photo boys until it gets to the actual individual choices.

5 judges (no all-rounders) with 3 choices each means 15 names and photographs. There are 13 different ones as two, congrats to them, get picked twice. One nomination is “a name so far back now that it has fallen off extended pedigrees” but every Glen chosen, except one, is a direct descendent and dogs have been mentioned from the USA, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland as well as the UK….if it ever could be said that a dog made their mark it has to be this one!



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Goodbye Barney, it was nice to have known you

                                BROCKLAND BRAYHEAD LAD                    

7th November 2004 – 30th May 2017


Ruth and the late Joe Welch’s Brockland Brayhead Lad (Barney) journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday 30th May, at the age of 12-and-a-half years.  Barney will long be remembered for being consistently and successfully shown well into his veteran years.  He is the current breed record holder, at least since the breed was conferred Championship status in 2007.

Prior to his sad passing in June 2009, Joe used to take Barney to agility classes, which they thoroughly enjoyed, practising between classes over the mini courses that Joe set up in the back garden! They also went to obedience classes, and Barney was one of just a few Glens who have achieved their bronze and silver Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards.

Barney’s success in the show ring in the UK is unrivalled and his record of 20 Challenge Certificates, 18 of which were with Best of Breed, will likely stand for many years to come. Over his show career, he won a total of 32 BOB awards at Championship Shows, and he was also an International Champion.

Barney was always immaculately presented and beautifully handled by Ruth, and was an impressive representative of the breed on his appearances in the Group ring.  Barney’s significant achievements in the show ring include BIS at the Glen of Imaal Terrier Association’s first Championship Show in April 2007, under the late Bryn Cadogan, and Crufts BOB under breed specialists Harold Gay (Malsville) in 2010 and Kathy George (Romainville) in 2012.

This critique from Patsy Hollings, who awarded him BIS and BV at the EFG’s first Open Show in 2014, epitomises Barney’s qualities, “… he just presented a balanced, masculine and typical outline on first appraisal. Great head piece with dark eye giving good expression. Has strength and width of skull, good set on of small ear used to display confidence and type. Strong jaw housing big white well placed teeth. Clean powerful neck flowing through well laid back shoulder, correct wrap of upper arm provides neat elbows and easy reach. Good length of rib, firm loin to muscular driving quarters. In prime order and quality coat. Even as a veteran he is notable and just what I was looking for.” Barney was 9-and-a-half years old at this show!

Barney’s swansong came just last year, in March 2016, where he won a strong Veteran class at Crufts. The oldest Glen being exhibited, he belied his age as he gave an exuberant final performance at a Championship Show!

Dear Ruth, all your Glen friends and acquaintances send you their love and condolences on the passing of your beautiful, and very special boy.



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