Vulnerable Breeds and the Kennel Club

Pre Crufts the KC put out their usual Vulnerable Breeds press release. It was taken up by a couple of newspapers and even Chris Evans mentioned it on his breakfast show on radio 2. Many owners of breeds appearing on the list, not just Glen of Imaal Terrier people, are left gnashing their teeth in fury every year. The list is just a set of statistics at a point of time and everybody knows stats can be made to say anything….particularly if not fully and totally explained.

Some breeds have never been numerous. Some breeds aren’t all that suitable for the lifestyle people have today. Some breeds know they have a heritage so are very, very careful where puppies go. Other breeds are more popular than they have ever been on a global basis. Why should facts spoil a good headline?

Glen of Imaal breeders have been “checking in” current pups on the ground and there is everything from singletons to big litters. Perhaps we’ll have to do our own year on year registration figures