It’s finally all beginning to come together!

We’ve said about the grass growing (it still is), the Burger van coming (it still is), the stalls being arranged and the eye testing but not a lot has been said about the “sundries”. New fences and gates have gone up and we are looking smart. Today twelve ton of road scrapings were finally finished being put down to make a better parking area. A lot of this work was made considerably easily by the loan of a teleporter (was whoever designed and named it a sci-fi fan?) from Mason Brothers Hauliers who are based just down the road from here.

Things are busy, busy, busy

News is way behind which is the same as I am. Working more than full time and getting ready for the weekend means some things are getting left!

The Summer EFG newsletter has gone out and yes it is a bit abbreviated. No it isn’t because we had nothing to put in. If anything there was too much so it was decided to make this edition only about PRA and the weekend. This means the Autumn newsletter will be rather bigger than usual so anything anybody has to contribute can be assured of a space. Anything sent for the Summer newsletter, if it wasn’t PRA, will certainly be in the next one.

Saturday’s eyetesting is virtually full but there are still quite a few appointments left for Sunday. Our good friends the Cesky Terriers put notice of the eye testing in their newsletter, thanks to them. Flyers are going out for the Companion Show and adverts will be in the local paper and both the dog papers. Also the schedule will be at Newark so anybody attending a dog show there will be able to pick one up. At risk of repeating but what the heck…..the weekend is in aid of fund raising towards discovering the PRA gene in Glen of Imaal Terriers but every breed is welcome at the eye testing or the Companion Show.

A few people who live away have been in touch and said they would like to send a donation to the cause. Thank you very much but please make sure that any cheques are made out to the Enthusiasts & Fanciers of Glens or EFG.

Will there be…?

Enquiries have come in about Prof Epplan’s presentation. Will it be available for viewing/owning? As yet we don’t know BUT we are aware that it is a powerpoint presentation. The intention is to ask him if we may have a copy of it. In turn this copy will be copied and then (for a donation to the PRA Fund of course) it will be available to go to anybody who has asked about it.

We obviously can’t guarantee anything but if you would like a copy please let us know

Adding to the list….

The whole idea of the weekend in July is to raise funds for the Bochum Project that is attempting to find the DNA link to PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers. This is why we are pleased that Dr. Peter Bedford (probably the leading eye man) in the UK is doing the eye testing and why it is even more pleasing that Prof. Epplan has agreed to come over from Bochum to give a talk on how his work is progressing. The list of “experts” attending the weekend has now grown by one more: last weekend we were pleased to get confirmation¬†that Dr Jeff Sampson, Canine Genetics Co-ordinator at the Kennel Club, will also be with us in Swineshead.

Good Citizens….

Do we have to pre-register for Good Citizens? No, you don’t. It’s a turn up and take it event but if your dog prefers, say,¬†first thing in the morning let us know and we’ll make sure that slot is available. There is no charge for taking Good Citizens (and you will receive a rosette and certificate if you pass) but this is a PRA FUNd Raising Weekend so a donation to the cause would be very appreciated. Like the eye-testing it is open to any dog not just Glen of Imaal Terriers!

Do we………..?

It has been asked if there is a toilet and shower block if people come in a caravan to the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend? There is a registered site about half a mile away and reservations can be made there. Of course anybody who wants to can pitch on the field…….there are plenty of trees and a pond that can have a hosepipe fixed up!