It’s a question that needs your input

As the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club (always to be the EFG) gets ready for its first full blown Committee Meeting-hopefully sleeping bags won’t be required-there is a lot of important things on the agenda. One thing that is there that won’t get fully decided on the day is the new Code of Ethics. How is this known beforehand? It doesn’t take an Einstein to realise that a Code of Ethics effects the members so they need a full say on what should be there as they will be expected to abide by it.

There is no doubt, from previous correspondence, that members want DNA testing for PRA before mating including but what else should be there? Have a look at the current Code and tell us what you think.

A couple of things that spring to mind:

One breed club has an older limit for mating bitches that is actually two years before the Kennel Club one. Strange logic perhaps but their members obviously wanted it. In a late maturing breed like Glens IF a limit is suggested shouldn’t it be the minimum age for a litter?

As the crossbreed seems to rule these days should there be a clause regarding a Glen not  being mated with another breed?

American Breeders-specifically Ohio

Glen Services received this yesterday. It was explained that they are a UK Group but they would do their best. Emails have gone out but addresses change so often. This Glen of Imaal Terrier boy is actually advertised on Ebay America.

  • Price:$200
  • Address:King George,  VA 22485                     (map)
  • Date Posted:06/22/13
  • Age:Young
  • Gender:Male
  • Offered by:Owner
  • Description:
  • We bought Yoshaun from a breeder in Ohio, he has been with us since January. He is now 8 months old. We  have had all of his shots done but have not had him neutered as we planned to have a litter later in his life. He does not have his  papers because we were not going to pay $300 extra for them.  He will come with all of his vet paperwork as he is fully UTD. He  loves children and he loves other dogs and even is used to cats. He is housebroken and crate trained. There is a $200 adoption  fee and this includes a bag of his high protein food, some treats, a 2  month supply of Interceptor, and a month supply of Frontline plus, his leash and collar.

Counting down

18 days until the EFG Companion Show (in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf). The Companion Show schedule is online on the EFG website and there are still a few places left for the eye testing-appointments from Sheila on

Wagg Dog Food have offered specials and they have been joined by Fish4dogs so thanks to both of them. There will be all the usual side attractions and stalls but this year there is a new one….Make Me An Offer! It’s for the unusual and uncommon. Some items that certainly fit that bill have been donated but do have a look into your cupboards and on your shelves. What is there that is too good for a raffle and you don’t really want to give to a charity shop? Jean would love to hear from you!

A new event and, yes, Glen of Imaal Terriers will be represented!

From the organiser:-
Pleased to formally announce the judging panel of the inaugural lemon drizzle cake  competition at next weekends Windsor dog show. The judges all have a JDP in lemon drizzle and are very experienced in sponge. They are Ian Gabriel and Mark Cocozza and the referee will be none other than Mrs Di Johnson. All are experienced in cake! The cakes will then be auctioned off in aid of Jilly’s Jolly Jaunt. Judging takes place after Wire Fox Terrier judging. (The two principal judges realize that the referee is likely to muscle in even if we agree) Come and watch the first CC in lemon drizzle
and what’s it to do with Glen of Imaal Terriers? Obviously the breed cake-maker in chief, Nicki Montford, has made the shortlist and one of her magnificent creations will be amongst the final ten!


Back in May we recorded the updating of the Services website and said the EFG site would be done soon. Why the wait? Now the EFG has been registered with the Kennel Club there are guidelines as to what should appear on a Club website (if a Club chooses to do one). It’s a fair bet-like 100%-that the website will continue but it has to go before Committee now to decide what direction it will take. Things are still appearing on there though; like the schedule for the Companion Show in July

Two Tiinas!

Champagne again ladies!

Champagne again ladies!

At Kotka International Show in Finland BOB Glen of Imaal Terrier was Abberann Fagan & BOS Gleann Una Noonan & two ladies would like to show everybody they intend to keep something going……

Kotka International