Who cares-it means we are included!

As you can see by the link, this came in a while ago, but it got put back a bit as the Companion Show was caught up on. The Kennel Club is holding an exhibition of vintage photographs in the art gallery and if you are in London it is certainly worth a visit. Amongst the pictures is “that” 1890 one that some think could be a Glen of Imaal Terrier, others think is a drop eared Skye Terrier and another area of thought is no breed just generic terrier type. Whatever, it’s a great picture of a dog with its family and if the Kennel Club make it a Glen in the catalogue nobody can argue. Do have a look and “the Glen” is photograph twelve

Just for the file

For years some Glen of Imaal Terrier owners have always advocated never having your dog off the lead in a public space. Others have argued against this quite strongly saying that the words “do not ever” give out a bad impression of the breed. Maybe they would like to think again in view of this. It won’t be the only council.

A new record!

In view of last week’s discussion on numbers of Glens at shows this is very illustrative. A question has arrived regarding the entry for the 2011 Finnish Glen of Imaal Terrier Show; is the record broken? There are 67 Glens entered and so the record has now gone. Congratulations Finland!!

The request was made here because, as far as anybody knows, the record was created in the UK. Back in 1989, yes 22 years ago, 56 Glen of Imaal Terriers made 98 entries for judge George Campbell. There were 10 in Open Dog & 13 in Open Bitch. 11 trophies were on offer with extra awards for Best Dog, Bitch & Veteran. Rosettes and prizes were offered for the first to fifth in each class and to finish the bonanza, money (£10.00 for Best In Show) specials for the top winners was also offered.

3 Counties critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers: JD. 1) Holmes’ Bailielands BB Ben. Loads of time on his sidde, strong head & muzzle, clean scissor bite, powerful jaw, excellent shoulder placement, grand  topline, well constructed, moved with power. BOB.

PB. 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Aoife.Very similar to the dog in many ways, powerful headed, excellent muzzle, good bite, well constructed, excellent profile, ample hindquarters, moved with drive. JB. 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Inki. Excellent in all quarters, full of substance, beautiful head & expression, strong in muzzle, grand front powerfuul quarters, excellent rib & angulation, hindquarters full of power, moved satisfactory. BP & BB. PG. 1) Holmes’ Grizzlemarsh Cassie. This fine girl is rarely shown mores the pity, did nothing wrong, fine head, expression & mouth, good front, straight bone, super profile & stifle, excellent topline, satisfactorily filled quarters, moved with distinction. RBB. 2) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Ellie. Fine head & expression, powerful jaw, clean mouth, excellent front, grand profile, commanding quarters, suuitably constructed, moved satisfactory. OB. 1) Wakefield’s Abberann Delta Lady at Norriss. I liked this young girl, friendly, loveable. Needs to improve in several quarters. Grand expression, good coat, moved OK.

Fred J Gadd (Judge)

Catching up

A group placing for a Glen of Imaal Terrier at Shawnee Kennel Club with G Ch Rainbow Springs Wicklow’s Warrior of Ber-D-Mar being waved into the number 4 spot. In the UK Leeds had two extra entered as the Hadley’s had got missed out of the catalogue. Best of Breed there was Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad taking his 11th CC with Ir Ch Abberann Eilish at Kirikee Bestt Bitch. The CLA Game Fair was blessed with fabulous weather and, as always, the Glens there attracted a lott of attention.

Leeds 2011

Leeds Championship Show begins today. Terrier day is Sunday and there are 9 Glen of Imaal Terriers entered for judge Roger Thomas. With a Challenge Certificate on offer it has to be acknowledged that this isn’t exactly a startling entry so why are numbers  hitting rock bottom? Leeds used to be one of the most popular shows on the circuit for Glen people. The summer picnic used to be held there and it was also the venue of the well reported synchronised exhibition team. Where has everybody gone?

CLA Game Fair 2011

The Game Fair moves to Oxfordshire this year and takes place July 22-24 at Blenheim Palace. Even if you think you will have no interest in outdoor sports this is an event you should visit at least once in your life; you won’t regret it. If you do go be sure to wander in to the Kennel Club zone and say hello to the Glen of Imaal Terriers-we get everywhere!

The best ever

The ebay auction for the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA Fund raised the most money yet. Initially we weren’t sure, with things being tight, whether to do it or not but you said yes and we are so glad we did. It wasn’t just Glen people who bid and some of the items donated are going onto illustrious things. The Dog World Stud Dog Trophy is going to Montgomery for the Cairn Terrier Auction of unique things and the Privacy Room will next appear in Spa, Belgium, sheltering an Aston Martin. Our auction things are better travelled than many of us!

Companion Show-EFG style

Okay we all know it was wet last Saturday, so wet that some people rang up to see if everything was still going ahead, but the EFG Companion Show was a triumph of joined up thinking and huge thanks must be recorded to the judges, Jeff & Amanda Luscott  for good-humouredly and with obvious enjoyment “going with the flow”.

Jeff may have judged all over the world but we are laying odds that he has never performed under such a variety of tents, umbrellas and even under a judging table (it  kept the rain off). The Puppy Walk and Puppy Class entrants were obviously a bit bewildered about what was going on but every owner made a point of saying how good the judge was with them. And even before judging started, as everyboody shared the biggest tent, Jeff did a brilliant greeters job; if he ever wants a reference for front door work at McDonalds we will be honoured to give it. In a day of torrential rain somehow or other Amanda managed to do all of her judging in the only dry period, the rain starting once more as she finished. Impressive connections with the Weather God, can we have you again please!

And it was…..

WET! For the very first time the Companion Show & FUNDay was not smiled on by the Weather God but still people came. They came with umbrellas, wellies and all-terrain sandals so the water could flow through. They came in poncho’s, cagoules and barbours. They huddled together under any shelter and stood together out in the pouring rain debating whether it was raining quite as hard as it was ten minutes ago. (It usually was).

First impressions from the day: A Glen of Imaal Terrier doing his Good Citizens beautifully but only on a stand-no way was he going to sit in the wet. A teenage Glen owner practising and practising with her girl and it paid off; the Certificate was hers. Judge Jeff Luscott striding around the outdoor ring carrying & waving the arm of a giant Tigger being auctioned. Sausages and bacon being cooked under a gazebo as the rain poured down. The spontaneous round of applause after a bogged down van was driven out after a change of driver. The disbelieving thanks from the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf person who sold more goods than they had at a recent good weather event. The Womans Institute doyen who, on leaving, left compliments on the standard of the cakes.

Despite the rain everything says “we did good” which was as it should be considering the work that has been put in….over the last 15 years. Yes it was 1996 that the EFG came into being and on Saturday evening a rather magnificent creation was  shared out.

How about that for a cake!