Reminder for the weekend.

It’s National Terrier on Saturday so check the show bag to see if you’ve remembered to put the entry in for the EFG Open Show (Sue will be there to collect them) and any membership monies you forgot to give over at Crufts. If you can’t find your EFG Schedule it’s on the website and entries close on April 10th. Karen Forbes is judging.

The EFG Open Show is held alongside Birmingham Gundog & Terrier so you’ll get two bites of the showing cherry for just one set of travelling costs. Jamie Sage is judging Glen of Imaal Terriers at G&T and entries can be given either direct to Rachel Leeson at NT or made online at Fosse Data

Fancy doing some Glen of Imaal Terrier promotion?

Heritage Shows

Please contact me if you are available to promote your breed at the following events
If you know of anyone who would be interested them please forward this email.

We provide pens with a marquee, tickets and parking on site as well as the option to camp.

Thame Country Fair – 16th-17th April

Hampshire Country Fair – 30th April – 1st May

Sandringham Game & Country Fair – 9th-10th September

Wiltshire Game & Country Fair – 23rd – 24th September

Sue Hempstead

Quite a weekend!

Glen of Imaal Terriers were certainly been getting the breed name known last weekend. In Finland at the Royal Canin Puppy Show the Gleann team took BIS3 breeder (all breeds)!! Glen breed judging saw Gleann Flatbone Stiubhard take BOB withBest Bitch. The day before at Lahti International Flatbone’s sire Gleann Cotton Cody had taken BOB with Gleann Elite Ellie Best Opposite. In Estonia at Narva International Rosears Kate The Duchess was BOB and became a new Estonian Champion. In Canada Gleann Holy Hannah took Best Baby Puppy in Group both days of the weekend.

Laura Trainor writes news of Niamh “Niamh earned her PAX 2 Agility title on Friday at the Onondaga Kennel Association Agility trial. To earn this title she had to qualify in both the Standard and Jumpers courses on the same day 40 times. She is a super Agility Glen!”

Kelli Whitfield and Griffin were also having a great weekend “Griffin had a great time with two days of agility. Griffin qualified in 6 runs with 3 first places and 3 second places plus a new title. My little superstar is on fire!”

Brains and Beauty-the breed had it all last weekend. Congratulation to everybody

National Terrier Entries and AGM

National Terrier entries are out and there are 24 Glen of Imaal Terriers for judge Peter Bakewell to run his eye over at New Bingley Showground on April 1st

Please note: Glen of Imaal Terriers are 3rd in the ring (with around a 1.30pm proposed finish) which should give more than enough time to hold the AGM of the EFG as scheduled but the decision has been made to move the meeting to BEFORE judging. The AGM will now commence at 10.30am so as to enable any long distance attendees to start journeys home as soon as judging is ended

Please share the above information.

Results from the weekend will be on tomorrow

Birmingham National closes today at midday….or maybe not

Online entries for The National close at midday today….but then again they may have been extended for a week as adverts are differing. Just to be on the safe side though, if you are entering, do it today. Glen of Imaal Terriers are to be judged by Roger Bill and Terrier Day is Thursday May 4th.

Here’s to you boy!

ARBA CH. Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist SE, RN, RATI, RATS, NW2, NW3-C, NW3-E, NW3-I, NW3-V, L1I, L1V, SDE

For many years “Ollie” has graced us with his photographs and his talented exploits. Today, as a mark of respect, he sits looking at us with all his many and varied titles listed-the reminder of what a great boy he was and by that one word, was, the message has been given. Ollie has walked on to another life.

A small blue & tan Glen of Imaal Terrier whom the majority of Glen owners have never met but he was ours. We knew him, admired him and loved him. We all shared him through the kindness of Les & Monique so today we share their pain and final message:-

OLIVER   11/17/1999 – 3/17/2017

 After maintaining his positive attitude and love of life for 17 1/3 years, Oliver’s health issues caught up with him last week and we made the difficult decision to help him cross over on Friday. We are heartbroken over the loss of our sweet boy. It is hard to imagine never seeing or holding him again.  Our treasured memories will sustain us and he will live on in our hearts forever. We will love you always, “angel boy” Oliver!

You did us proud Ollie. Thank you for being you.