Autumn Breed Record Supplement.

The Kennel Club BRS is out and it makes interesting reading for Glen of Imaal Terriers with an eye watering 55 registered. On such numbers some may think applause but those haven’t been in touch but, for fairness, it has to be acknowledged they may be out there. What is out there, from people who understand the breed, is the literal OMG and not in a favourable way.

Twenty of the registrations are by one dog who doesn’t seem to have any eye testing results published. One of the bitches is tested clear but two are tested carriers so hopefully it is just a matter of “paperwork” not catching up with itself on the KC website. Another 18 pups are by the same dog, and he is tested clear, but all were born before he was 15 months old! Of course breeding practices change all the time but with Glens being such a late maturing breed it used to be that one litter was produced early-to get the dog used to be handled and to prove he could do it-and then there was a gap to see how the youngster himself matured and see what his pups provisionally looked like. Obviously that well respected, long held idea has been assigned to the scrap heap by one breeder.

In a year that there have been more Glens coming into rescue/asking for placement than for quite a long time previously the heart does sink a little to see numbers like 55 in one quarter. Hopefully we just pessimists but money isn’t being taken.

This has been kept quiet!

The Nottingham Trent University Canine Centre of Excellence in Partnership with the Kennel Club. It’s at Brackenhurst, Southwell, Nottinghamshire and, as can be seen from the website, it’s early days yet but what a project for the KC to be actively involved in! Hopefully there will be more of them around the country but nice that they have started in the East Midlands.

For once let’s hear it for the KC!!

Association Champ Show…amongst others.

A quieter weekend but some Glen of Imaal Terrier people were still showing on the 1st Sunday of Advent; Christmas presents can wait awhile yet! The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association saw Romainville Billy Whizz getting the nod for Best in Show with Young May Moon Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best In Show. The 2 Reserves were Romainville Fast ‘n’ Furious at Wickholm and Amhard Jeez Louise respectively. Best Puppy was (6 months on the day) Romainville Izzy Wizzy and Best Veteran Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm. Nice day for the Romainville and Wickholm kennels. It was Billy Whizz’s second BOB of the weekend as he had also taken that position at West Midlands Terrier

Slightly belated news from the Irish Breeds Society Show with a wonderful result for Glens; Abberann Phelan was Reserve Best In Show and Abberann Conan was Best Veteran in Show…nice!

Over in America at Agathon Kennel Club Best of Breed, and OHG2, was Tipperary Violet Dowager Countess who can now put Ch in front of her name, Best Dog was Daulton’s Rory. Sunday Agathon had Rory BOB (with Group 3) and Emerald Isle Keely with Daulton BOS. Violet finished off a good weekend by getting the nod for Bred By Exhibitor Gp1.

On the “brains” front Kelli Whitfield sends news “Griffin earned a qualifying agility run in Open Jumpers today with a first place completing his Open Jumpers Preferred (OJP) title today.”

Congratulations all.



Let’s do health reading again

It used to be that every Friday we did “Health” posts that might be of interest to Glen of Imaal Terrier owners or fanciers but recently we’ve got out of the habit. As nights get longer this time of year you might need something to do in the evenings so let’s return to the practice and begin with Hip Dysplasia, Facts & Fallacies

Westminster Invites are out

Westminster is different to Crufts (and all the other leading dog shows in the world) insofar as the Top 5 in each breed get an automatic invitation. Glen of Imaal Terrier invitations for 2017 have gone to:-

GCH Abberann Torcan

GCH Daulton’s Wild Night of Galore

GCH Keadeen’s Blue Boy for Bluesette CA RATCH

GCH Keadenn’s Sir Emmet Mingus Glas CA

GCH Tipperary Cora Countess of Grantham



National Canine Health Testing Week

This week, 21st to 27th of November, is National Canine Health Testing Week (#NCHTW), which is one of the Kennel Club’s annual initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of breeding and buying puppies from appropriately health tested and health screened parents. During the week we’ll be using social media (our Facebook page and Twitter account) to provide dog breeders and puppy buyers with information on which health tests and screening schemes may be relevant to their dogs, tools to assist breeders in making health related breeding decisions and information for puppy buyers to ask the right questions before buying a puppy.

Use #NCHTW to promote important health tests or research

The awareness week is a platform to publicise statistics, information and health related resources that highlight the value of health testing. If you have any health tests, screening schemes or research,  then National Canine Health Testing Week is an excellent opportunity to publicise them on social media using the hashtag #NCHTW.

Get involved with #DogsEyeView photos During the awareness week we’ll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme by launching a social media campaign asking owners to show their support of eye testing by taking and sharing images of their pets, using the hashtag #DogsEyeView on social media.   For 50 years the Eye Scheme has been helping breeders produce dogs with healthier eyes, and it now screens around 13,000 Kennel Club registered dogs each year. The #DogsEyeView photos are intended to emphasise how a dog sees the world and to demonstrate the impact that healthy eyes can have on a dog’s quality of life.

How to take a #DogsEyeView photo To take a #DogsEyeView photo, the Kennel Club is asking people to take a picture of their dog from behind, with the ears, head or whole body in shot, to show the dog’s view. The photo could be taken low to the ground and should emphasise how a dog sees the world. The dog could be looking at a stunning view, going for a walk through the woods, meeting family and friends or doing an everyday activity (example attached). Photos can be funny, serious, or poignant, and should be posted on social media using the hashtags #DogsEyeView and #NCHTW. During the week the Kennel Club is calling for #DogsEyeView photos to also be posted to the Kennel Club Facebook and Twitter pages any time between 21st and 27th November 2016. What else will be going on during #NCHTW

As well as the #DogsEyeView photos, the Kennel Club will be using social media to:

  • Launch a new “Breeding Advice” section on the Kennel Club website
  • Update breeders and owners on the latest developments in health testing
  • Encourage the appropriate use of health tests and screening schemes

Although National Canine Health Testing Week is largely about appropriate health testing, it also stresses that there are many other important factors for breeders when choosing two potential mates, such as genetic diversity, temperament, and the dogs’ family history.

As part of National Canine Health Testing week we will be publicising the recently updated and reorganised health area of the Kennel Club website.Two new areas for breeders have been created, which include a “Breeding Advice” area and an “Understanding Canine Genetics” area



A “Winners” session!

The rest of the Northern Hemisphere may be thinking WINTER but dog people, and particularly Glen of Imaal Terrier folk, are certainly out and about.

The Danish Winners was a BOB for Pearytail Artless Tess with McCormac Setna Sithbacc Best Dog. Another Pearytail day at the Norwegian Winners with P Bonnie B Goode getting the nod over Marfidal Rohjaton Pohmu. The Baltic Winners saw Gleann Dynamite Mike taking Best of Breed with Pearytail Bonnie B Goode Best Opposite. Jyvaskyla International finished a great collection for the Pearytail kennel with P Candy McCoy taking BOB. A back to back weekend in Germany had McJake’s Angel’s Son Djuke taking Best of Breed both days with McJakes’s Aivy Best Bitch one day and Mr Dear Fellow Brunhilde de CoCo the other. Back to back ICK shows saw Daulton’s Midnight Sky of Galore take BOB with Abberann Phelan Best Dog, the results flipped around for day 2. Abberann Conan did Glens incredible proud by being awarded Reserve Best Veteran In Show

The Secretary of the Dutch Glen Club sends the following: Dogshow Bleiswijk brought two Dutch Champions. BOB was My Dear Fellow Billy the Kid McJakes what gave him enough points for the Dutch Championship.BOS was Madra Áthas Aoife Aideen an tSolais who also became Dutch Champion. Well done both!

The States have had, amongst other things, the big cluster in Philadelphia. At Penn Treaty KC Ber-D-Mar Nate the Great at Wicklow was Best of Breed with Tipperary Violet Dowager Countess Best Bitch. Violet was again Best Bitch at Greater Philidelphia Dog Fanciers Association with Ber-D-Mar Sweet William O’Shea taking Best of Breed. Kennel Club of Philidelphia was a success again for Nate the Great with Daulton’s Tupelo Honey of Galore Best Opposite. The 4th Show of the cluster saw Tupelo Honey Best Opposite again with Sweet William O’Shea Best of Breed this time.

Down in Florida at Seminole Dog Fanciers and Greater Ocala Dog Club it was an incredible couple of days for Gleann Cotton Cody taking Group 2 and 3 respectively. Kilkenny’s Irish American Classic at castle rock was Best Bitch both days. Another Group Placement up at Whidbey Island Kennel Club with a Group 2 for Keadeen’s Second Star To The Right whilst at Coos KC Keadeen’s Blue Boy for Bluesette was BOB and also BOBOH Group 2. Umpqua KC was another triumph for Blue Boy and he again was placed second in the Owner Handler Group. Central Ohio KC was a Best of Breed for Kilkenny’s Across the Universe for Setanta with Daulton’s Rory BOS/BOBOH and Owner Handler Group 4

The “Brains Department” was also working well with a Nosework 2 award for Sullivan Lopez and two sets of news news from Monique that Oliver qualified and earned a third place metallic ribbon in the Excellent Distance nosework class on Saturday at the Performance Scent Dogs trial in Raymond, New Hampshire and he also participated in a Performance Scent Dogs trial  and qualified in the Excellent Distance class for the 10th time.  He came in 2nd place (metallic division) and earned a Bronze Metallic Award for his cumulative efforts.


Congratulations indeed to everybody. You all do us proud!!!


From the Kennel Club


Kennel Club show regulations are to be relaxed to allow those judges not on the B list to judge up to four classes of a breed at open shows, with the proviso that one of these classes is a puppy class, and the corresponding increase of up to six classes for Stud Book band E breeds. This also applies to non-CC breeds at general championship shows and will come into effect on 1st January 2017.

The changes were announced by Keith Young, in his report on the work of the Dog Show Promotion Working Party, at a Special General Meeting of the Kennel Club held last week. The proposal was supported by both the Show Executive Committee and the Judges Committee, and its principle was also supported by the Kennel Club Shows Liaison Council.

Mr Young said: “The working party believes these changes will encourage open shows to schedule puppy classes and give exhibitors with new puppies the option to start at local open shows.

“This will also provide open shows with an opportunity to tailor their classifications to target both new puppies and new exhibitors while at the same time increasing entries and offering exhibitors more opportunities to show their puppies.”

Open show organisers are reminded that they can disregard puppy classes when calculating class averages should the entry be detrimental to the overall average.

Show societies which have already printed their schedules for 2017 will not be allowed to reprint them in order to schedule extra puppy classes, which the Kennel Club acknowledges will cause disappointment in some cases. However, societies in a position to increase the number of classes are required to notify the Kennel Club but do not need to apply for a revised licence. For further details please email

The relevant changes to the show regulations will be published in the next available issue of the Kennel Club Journal.