Glen Association Critique


Firstly, thank you to the committee for awarding me the appointment of judging the club open show. It was a great honour and I thoroughly enjoyed myself (Once the nerves had subsided!) Thank you also to all the exhibitors who took time and in some cases, travelled a great distance to attend the show.

PUPPY DOG (2) Basil and Thyme, what lovely names and two young dogs full of personality that just shone through. The names did cause a giggle between their owners.

1st Rogers Kingcottage Boogie on Basil. Six months old and full of personality. Great body shape and outline, good width of skull, strong jaw and bone with strong muscle. Correct scissor bite, nice dark eye and harsh coat. Looking forward to seeing this young dog mature. BPD and BPIS

2nd Hardy’s Amhard Just in Thyme Ten months old, good body shape, correct scissor bite, good width of skull and nice harsh coat. Number one took my eye on the day.


1st Dunnings Romainville Freddies Choice Stood alone in the class, but still a worthy first place. Good shape of skull and correct scissor bite, nice eye. New coat starting to oome through and a little unsetttled on the move.


1st Squires Benedikes Edward Bear. Nice harsh coat, strong head with good width of skull, correct bite, good width of rib with a strong front and nice dark eye.

2nd Alstead Golden Spurs

3rd Stokes Romainville Locan


1st Frasers Kirikee Celtic Warrior. Fantastic harsh coat, great strong head, with good width of skull. Correct scissor bite. Good dark eye. Great width across the shoulders, strong topline, front and bone. Covered the ground well. Was pleased to award him both BD and RBIS

2nd Georges Romainville Jazz Man

3rd Davis Donvelset Rafferty at Viahninns

OPEN DOG (4,1)

1st Pennys Grizzlemarsh Digby good head and correct bite, strong chest, nice dark eye. Good coat Moved much better once on a lose lead.

2nd Hardy’s Amhard High Flyer

3rd Howarths Donvaleset Liffy


1st Hadley’s Donvaleset Rebus Stood alone in the class, but still a well deserved first place. Great harsh coat, strong jaw and fore face. Nice dark eye and good on the move. RBD


1st O’Brien & James Amhard Jessie Jay 10 months old, lovely character. Great harsh coat, correct bite. Good width of skull, with a nice dark eye. Covered the ground well.. Was happy to award her BPB

JUNIOR (2,1)

1st Hardy and Tune Amhard Jeez Louise 10 months old, nice harsh coat, nice bone, correct scissor bite. Just not as steady on the move today, but lots of time to settle and mature.


1st Hardys Amhard Indy Kate good strength of head and width of body. Nice eye with a pleasing expression. Movement was great once the lead was loosened.

2nd Frasers Baillielands Easca

3rd Lamb & Judges Eileen Alannah


1st George Romainville Fade to Grey Nice size, good body shape and topline. Correct strong jaw and bite, great coat. Pleasing dark eye. Covered the ground well.

2nd Squires Young May Moon

3rd Lamb & Judges Eileen Alannah


1st Georges Romainville Rock on Ruby. This yound lady caught my eye as soon as she came into the ring. Stong jaw, correct scissor bite with great width of skull. Good strong neck, shoulders and front. Excellent bone and substance. In great coat and she covered the ground well. Was delighted to be able to award her both BB and BIS

2nd Lamb and Judges Eileen Alannah


1st Hadleys Donvaleset Dominio strong muscular front, good topline and width of rib. Strong foreface and nice harsh coat.

2nd Penny’s Pajantick Roisin


He has to lead the round up in…

…I’m sure every Glen of Imaal Terrier owner will understand and cheer this superb animal.

Monique writes the following:- Oliver qualified in all 4 Nosework classes held yesterday (Containers & Exteriors) at the Performance Scent Dogs trial in Auburn, NH. This new canine scenting organization awarded their first titles ever and I’m proud to say that Ollie accumulated enough qualifying runs to earn a Novice Containers title! The old guy rocked! He has participated in quite a few sports & organizations, and his complete name is now:
ARBA CH. Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist SE RN RATI RATS NW2 L1I SD-NC

On the exhibition front Blackpool saw a Best of Breed for Ch Kirikee Ronan O’Gara with Best Bitch going to Amhard Indy Kate. At Kilkenny Ch Abberann Phelan took the top spot with Ch Abberann Dervla BOS. Over in Europe Gallivare International had Gleann Ungus MacGuire in the number one spot with Gleann Balloo Girl taking Best Bitch. Over in the States Ch Abberann Torcan continued his Group tally with a Gp 4 at West Bend Wisconsin.

Great going people!


Anybody willing to do their (big) bit?


I am writing to you on behalf of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. The Charity is busy recruiting runners for this year’s Great North Run which takes place on Sunday 13th September and with the deadline for signing up fast approaching we still have a few spaces available. (Closing date first week of July)

We are asking community groups and businesses in this area to help us spread the word amongst your group or staff members and amongst family and friends, to help us fill our last few places.

Every year we have conversations with people after the deadline has passed who say; they really wanted to do the Great North Run, but didn’t get a place in the general ballot and weren’t sure which Charities still had spaces available.

So if you, or anybody in your group or place of work, is interested in taking part in the Great North Run this year but has not yet secured a place then please get in touch or pass on my details on to them. We really need your help to spread the word.

We can also accommodate groups who would like to run it together – so if you want to put a group together from your office colleagues, or set your group a challenge, then get in touch!

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People provide specially trained dogs to deaf people to help them with everyday sounds that hearing people take for granted. These very clever dogs provide life changing levels of independence, confidence and companionship to their deaf recipients.

If you, or someone you know, decide to sign up to the Great North Run in aid of Hearing Dogs, you will be helping to change lives too.

Thank you for your support

Yours sincerely

Gill Yeates (National Fundraising Manager)

07824 453 319 / 01844 340 683





….and the breed leading them in is……

AKC dog lovers has a new page up

June 23rd marks the United Nation’s Public Service Day. Since 2003, this date has been dedicated to rewarding and raising awareness about public service around the globe.

Here at the AKC, we have our own way of honoring the hard-working dogs who serve us so well.. The AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE) are given each year in five categories: Uniformed Service K-9, Search and Rescue, Therapy Dog, Service Dog, and Exemplary Companion. It’s got some fabulous photographs of some fabulous dogs but for Glen of Imaal Terrier owners & enthusiasts it has to be the animal at the top for the applause. Thanks for representing us Winston!


It’s reminder time

The EFG Companion Show and BVA/KC EYE TESTING session is less than three weeks way. The Eye Testing appointments are going fast so if you want a specific time you need to ring up pretty quickly. Peter Bedford is testing and Sheila Atter ( is the lady for appointments. Full details can be found on the EFG website

Not so much this weekend….

…but still 3 Group placements for Glen of Imaal Terriers!

First up, and pride of place must go to GCH Abberann Torcan with a Group 2 & 3 in Crown Point, Indiana. Down at Space Coast KC (Just have to love American Show names) GCH Finnabair Song O’My Heart was BOB at Group 3. In Denmark at Vejen International BOB was awarded to Gleann Nora with BOS going to Gleann Ungus MacGuire. At Swords in Dublin Ch Abberann Phelan was BOB with Ch Abberann Dervla Best Bitch

Finally a “brains” title addition. Noreen O’Moore would like to shout from the rooftops that her Conall & Scarlett can now add RatN after their names!

Well done everybody.

Abberann Torcan

WELKS critique


J (2)1 Romanville Anna Belle, 11 months old bitch with clearly a lot of maturing still to do but has a lovely feminine head, correct bite with good overall balance leading to nice movement. A promising BB;

2 Romainville Maggie May, 13 months old bitch with a good bite & strong, substantial bone, shown in good condition with nice coat. Sadly didn’t really settle in the ring.

PG (1)1 Romainville Fade To Grey, 2 years old blue bitch, still with time to mature but displaying a working type, strength & substance with broad stable shoulders, good bite & harsh coat. RBB.

O (2,1a)1 Romainville Billy Wizz, 3 years old wheaten dog who is hitting his prime. Great bone & substance with good muscle, good bite, harsh coat, lovely balance giving strong movement. A very worthy BOB.

J ATKIN (Judge)

We’ve said it before……

….and we’re more than happy to say it again!

Stood there at a show we were (just practicing to be Yoda) and suddenly the comment came out; why are Glens shown on a table? Don’t ask me, you know I think it’s ridiculous. Well we should stop it; put it on the blog or something. Conversations like that are manna to every blog writer so here we go:-

Why are Glen of Imaal Terriers shown on the table? They never, ever used to be and a judge this year has already asked the question of “when did Glens become tableised?” Admittedly the spelling of that might not be correct but it is such a great word it has to be repeated.

You wouldn’t show a Staffie on a table so why are we oiked up there? When this came up once before the judges were the reason given. Can we say rubbish? We just did. If a judge is so unfit they can’t bend down they shouldn’t be judging because they’ll either a) upset their back more or b) overbalance when they turn around to watch the Glen move.

Let’s get Glens back on the floor where they should be!!