Midland Counties critique

midland counties canine society – glen of imaal terrier

pd – 1st rogame alfie – very young pup with plenty of developing still to do , but displayed a pleasing head , with correct bite .nice broad chest and good length of body – creating a fair overall balance for such a young dog , which helped to give decent movement

pgd -1st romainville billy wizz – again a young dog with time to mature , but already displays a real masculine , strong type . broad , powerful head with good bite . well boned and gave impression of real strength .strong neck .well sprung rib.powerful hindquarters . displayed lovely topline and was well handled and presented to very much deserve BD. 2nd donvalset rafferty at viahinnis – another strong type of dog , with good bone and well muscled all over . good weather proof coat , but lacked the overall balance of 1st

od – 1st johnny be good at romainville – smaller type of glen , but still had good substance and lovely overall balance . good bite . well sprung ribs . good length and topline which helped deliver sound movement . superb coat , well handled and presented . strong challenger RB.  2nd romainville typhoon – strong head and jaw , with good bite . good bone giving strong front and shoulders . powerful in hindquarters which gave good movement – lacked the overall balance of 1st

pb – 1st bregorrey lady belleisle – a more mature pup , that has certainly developed very soundly . retaining it’s femininity , but still showing a strong head , with good bite . well boned and muscled all over – helping to give a good outline and sound movement , well handled. a light coat , but well presented. 2nd rogame anjelica – a very young puppy , still finding her feet in the show ring . very feminine , with a good bite.  nice length in body  and good topline . good bone with strong hindquarters

pgb – 1st romainville inki – super strong head and jaw  , with good bite and nice ears . good bone and strong front . well sprung ribs and good length of body – with good topline . well presented with good coat . handled well to show very sound movement RB. 2nd romainville moira – nice head with great eye and expression . good bite . when settled showed good movement . again lacked the balance of 1st

ob – 1st romainville ellie – super feminine bitch but still presenting good substance . well proprtioned , strong head , with good bite . strong , well boned front . strong neck andwell angled shoulder . good length with strong loin and topline . presented a lovely outline and great overall balance . well handled to  deliver lovely movement – a well deserved winner of BB and BOB. 2nd romainville sffie at rogame- a strong  bitch , with good bone and muscle throughout . decent harsh coat . but lacked overall  balance of 1st

jason atkin-judge

Weekend round up

At Seinjoki International Show in Finland BOB Glen of Imaal Terrier was Abberann Fagan with Pearytail Artless Tess Best Opposite Sex. Over in America GCH Daulton’s Emerald Green took BOB at Delaware Ohio and Louise Lopez continues to add to the “brains and beauty” catagory with the folllowing email: Tula and Sullivan both earned their Junior Earthdog titles today at the Northern California Dachshund tests in Dixon. Tula had a time of 24 seconds to quarry in the first run and cut it down to 16seconds in the second. And Sullivan? 12 seconds—my little Torpedo in the Tunnel 🙂
Well done all!

Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire: Urgent!

Calling all Glen exhibitors in the EastMidlands/North East.

Today is the very last day for getting an entry into Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire. This is one of the most traditional of terrier shows with an honourable history, but unless there is a decent entry this might be the last show they are able to run and Bury has just finished after many years.

There isn’t a single Glen entered.The show takes place on Nov.11th at Brodsworth Miners Welfare, Woodlands, Doncaster. The judge is Linda Matthews – through the late Brenda Jones (Zippor), Linda has a long-standing connection with the breed. She is travelling all the way from Wales to judge.

Contact Christine Marshall on 01924 463899 TODAY – tomorrow will be too late!

Old times!

Yesterday Midland Counties Championship Show turned into “old times”.  As the gloom of a late Autumn afternoon began there was one breed left in the echoing bottom hall of Stafford Showground as the stewards started to tidy up at the end of the day. It’s the traditional place for Glen of Imaal Terriers at that show! Jason Atkin judged and it was a double for Kathy George when he awarded Best of Breed to Romainviille Ellie and Best Dog to Romainville Billy Wizz. Best Puppy was Bregorrey Lady Belleisle

Countryfile TOMORROW

The Animal Health Trust’s investigation into seasonal canine illness (SCI) will feature on BBC’s Countryfile this Sunday 21 October, with the programme on air from 18:20. As part of his ‘Investigates…’ series, Tom Heap speaks with Dr. Richard Newton who is spearheading the AHT’s investigation into SCI. Tom will also report from woodlands where suspected cases of SCI have recently been reported. If you are a dog owner who is still unsure about what SCI is, what the clinical signs are and how you can help our investigation into this mystery illness, please watch this episode. You can watch it live on BBC1 on 21 October or when it becomes available on BBC iPlayer for the following week.