Schedule roundup

January still but Championship Show schedules for the late Spring/early Summer are arriving thick and fast. Judges for Glen of Imaal Terriers are:-

SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB-Alan Small. A Terrier man who has judged Glens for quite a few years. His second set of Challenge Certificates, his first at WKC 2007 with the top awards going to Daisy and Homer.

BATH-Karen Forbes (No CCs). A Glen of Imaal owner since 1996. Living in the north of Scotland but has the only Show Certificate of Merit for a Glen and a Champion.

THREE COUNTIES-Jean Rogers (No CCs). A Glen of Imaal owner since 1988. Dominated the “of the Year” competitions for 15 years, three Champions bred in one litter.

BLACKPOOL-Peter Chappell (No CCs). A Terrier man with a long connection to Glen of Imaals so possibly a waste of a judge with only four classes scheduled.

Ta muchly!

Jean says “ta muchly” for the flowers, chocolates, presents, cards and messages she had for a recent, not to be mentioned, event. The slight delay passing on her appreciation is due to being determined to master the next string in her technology bow; the digital camera and its using, editing and sorting for the computer and now she has……

Top Glen of Imaal Terrier 2009

Various countries have now declared their Glen of Imaal Terrier of the Year for 2009.

In the UK three Glens, Barney, Homer & Enya, obtained the same number of Challenge certificates this year. Barney and Homer had four Best of Breeds each though so Ch/Bel Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad is Joint Top Glen (Joe would have been so proud!) alongside Multi Champion Abberann Conan  with Ir Ch/Ch Abberann Enya runner up.

In the USA Ch Finnabair Waking Kilmurray came in at number one and Ch Daulton’s Maeve Of Cill Dara number two (Canine Chronicle)

Holland had Ch Fire & Ice Diego Maradonna ranked first with Gornatua George James ranked second.

Ireland has Multi Ch Abberann Conan as number one again and Homer has also qualified once more for the Irish Show Dog of the Year competition.

Denmark saw a double for the Hammersmolles with Top Glen going to Dk/Nor Ch Eos and Top Puppy to Gandiji

If any other country would care to let us know…..