A busy couple of weeks.

Normally the period after Christmas and early January is rather short of news but this year it’s been busy so the slightly new direction taken has obviously met with approval. Nevertheless though it’s time for the Winter Break and to gird loins for a (hopefully) equally as busy Spring and onwards. Let’s make it a date for February 18th to hit the EFG blog icon on your favourites list once again.

Before we all airkiss goodbye for a few weeks there are just a couple of things: Crufts online entries close on January 14th and this timely reminder, particularly after the post of two days ago.

If your Glen of Imaal Terrier has been DNA tested for GPRA-crd3, please can you check that the result is listed on the Kennel Club website: There are links to lists of all the Clear, Carrier and Affected Glens.

If your Glen’s results do not appear on the list, please send a COPY of the DNA result certificate (from Optigen or Bochum, both now send results direct to the KC but it could have been missed) to the Kennel Club to:

Health & Breeder Services Department, The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB

If you also want your Glen’s registration document updated, please send the original registration document (along with the copy of the test result certificate) and you will be issued with a new one, with the DNA status included.

And another…

Another Open Show for the immediate diary. Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire is on 17th February and the 2 classes for Glen of Imaal Terrier will be judged by Rachel Leeson.

It was asked if the EFG blog would be willing to give a bit of publicity to Open Shows? Of course as the tag line of the blog is “Keeping Glen of Imaal people up to date”. Any news (show or otherwise) is always welcome but it has to be sent along. Just like the information was that WELKS and Southern Counties are putting Glen classes on this year.

As thoughts turn to Spring..

Yes of course the current mild spell is only temporary, but as soon as January arrives thoughts turn to Spring and sometimes a new puppy for the family. Glen of Imaal Terriers are a great breed and should certainly be on the list for consideration but as you peruse the internet please try to remember a couple of things. Any responsible breeder will be able (and willing) to talk about PRA in the breed and show you-by paperwork or email-the current status of the sire and dam of any puppies they have. Also a liver coloured(brown nose and pads) Glen may look very cute and will make a great pet but if you have any ideas of possibly having a litter yourself it would make sense to either think wheaten or brindle.

Glen Association Championship Show critique

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with the Glen of Imaal Association. The officials, led by Secretary Anne Hardy, with her husband, Mr & Mrs Harley & Mr & Mrs Quinn to back her up, could not have been more welcoming. Shirland Village Hall is easy to find with wonderful parking & is very handy for a show this size. BIS was the bitch cc winner, Romainville Aoife At Pajantick, while the dog CC went to the veteran, Ch Beatrix’s Boy with Windarra From Donvaleset, & he was RBIS. BP was Bregorrey Wannabe Victory by Jeonty. There were 37 entered.
MPD:1) Pajantick Star Trooper. Well grown wheaten, full of character, pleasing head, excellent jaw & teeth, nice eyes, well developed front, moved happily & soundly.
PD: 1) Bregorrey Wannabe Victor By Jeonty. Promising, very good head, mouth, expression, well made forehand & hindquarters, nice topline, well coupled for age, moved & showed well. 2) Pajantick Star Trooper. 3) Bendikes Edward Bear. Nice head & mouth, could be a little better in eye, good coat texture, needs time to come together & learn what is expected of him in the ring.
JD: 1) Donvaleset Rafferty at Viahninns. Full of spirit, well bodied, typical head & mouth, good chest & bone, good over the haunches, moved soundly, good coat. 2) Donvaleset Liffy at Arkview. Litter brother to first & he looked well set up but did not make the most of himself moving. Good coat, could be a little stronger in pastern.
PGD: 1) Grizzlemarsh Digby. Mature blue who was carrying extra weight, could be a little better let down but a well behaved dog who moved soundly.
LD:1) Kirikee Roman O’Gara. Very nice dog, good to go over with correct forehand, head outline & strong hindquarters. I would like a better tail carriage, moved & showed well, good coat. 2) Romainville Typhoon. Good head, could be a little better in eye, nice front & chest. Moved well. 3) Romainville Brannigan at Brockland. Not as pleasing in bite or muzzle but good nose, pleasing coat. I preferred the shape of those above.
OD: 1) Johnny Be Good at Romainville. Red wheaten, excellent hindquarters which showed in movement, good topline, nice double coat, good head & mouth, nice ears. RCC. 2) Amhard Freebooter. Very nice blue, good head, nice chest & depth, pleasing topline, nicely put together but not as pleasing on the move, good steady temperament.
VD: 1) Ch Beatrix’s Boy From Windarra at Donvaleset. Lovely blue boy of seven & a half, very typical, well bodied, good ribs, moved particularly well in hindquarters. I see he is the sire of several of the winners. Dog CC & RBIS. 2) Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. Very showy, just not as pleasing in coat preparation, super mouth at 8 years old, good strength in thigh, lttle upright in front.
MPB: 1) Bregorrey Lady Belleisle. Promising blue, nicely balanced head, could be a little better in ear, pleasing neck, shoulder & outline, moved very well. Needs time to drop into herself, nice hindquarters, moved soundly & happily with some style. 2) Bendikes Edith May. A little too rangy at present & rises a little too much over loin, maturity will help a lot. Typical head & mouth, nice coat, good tail carriage.
JB: 1) Romainville Uptown Girl. Lovely head, eye & expression, nicely balanced, well made, good tail & coat, Moved & showed well. I thought she was a lovely youngster & full of promise. 2) Young May Moon. Another very expressive youngster but not yet her excellent movement, however full of character, good head, pleasing coat texture, nice chest & front.
PGB: 1) Romainville Moira. 1) Sound moving wheaten but just a little heavy over the shoulder & could be a little more feminine, neat ears, good coat, well bodied, nice broad chest. 2) Amhard Ginger Spice. Good feminine head, very good expression, not in best coat condition today but very typical & shapely. Grizzlemarsh Dorathea. Litter sister to Digby & on the same lines.
LB: 1) Romainville Aoife at Pajantick. Lovely wheaten, good head & is very expressive, pleasing neck, shoulders & front, firm topline, pleasing tail, good thighs moved steadily & soundly. Looked the part to win BIS. 2) Jeonty Maybe Daisy. Not yet fully recovered from maternal duties but very typical, good chest & bone, nice topline, good ribs. 3) Romainville Kyla at KNockcarrig.
OB: 1) Ch Wanna Make Music By Jeonty. Made the most of herself on the move, good head & expression but a bit heavy in ear, firm front, nice chest, good outline, in good coat. I liked her a lot Res CC. 2) Ch Donvaleset Brier. Rather overweight & not in best coat but very typical & on form must be a good Glen. 3) Pajantick Roisin.

Ferelith Somerfield (Judge)

Smile please

This was sent just before Christmas. It shows the Vice Chairman and Secretary  of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Association, Mel & Anne Hardy, meeting the Princess Royal at the Animal Health Trust on the opening of the new cancer centre. They were invited to attend as a donation to the cause had been made by the Association. For a small breed Glen people certainly seem to do their bit for health.

“Of The Year”

The provisional 2012 “Of The Year” results have been published. For Glen of Imaal Terriers the number one spot goes to Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad(Ch Jeonty Rock On Tommy/Bel Ch Brockland Brenna Anne). Top Stud Dog is Ch Jeonty Rock On Tommy (Am Ch Malsville Soldier Blue/Jeonty Let Loose) and Top Brood Bitch Bel Ch Brockland Brenna Anne( Ginger’s Fashion By malsville/Jeonty Gold Leader at Brockland). There is a tie for Top Puppy between Romainville Billy Whizz (Bailielands BB Ben/Romainville Rhian) and Bregorrey Madam Defiance (Ch Jeonty Wannabee Buster/Ch Brockland Belle Bregorrey)

If other countries would like their “Tops” listing either send them along!

It’s 2013..from jean

Well Goodbye to 2012 and not too soon for some, to many have had a rough year with their share of problems in health, so the very best wishes for a better 2013.

What a good year for the country and the Best of the Best, Well done, time the country had something to celebrate.

Many controversial topics on the blog throughout the year, this giving people their chance to make their points known and sharing their suggestions and views.

Companion show in July taking top honours £700 raised for the Hearing Dogs Charity. New Glen people staying for the weekend will hopefully not be strangers for long. July 13th 2013 on the calendar please.

Dog shows took a hit, fuel, entries played their part and so many exhibitors had to think twice.

The EFG decided time to go forward and strike out, we are now awaiting 2013 for a result.

For those with Glen of Imaal Terriers (or even wondering about the breed) do keep in touch, the blog is there for you. It has again had a good year in 2012 winning an award for the way it is run, information and presentation.

We ask “Can we do more?” “What do you look at?” Health page are useful for keeping you informed.

Crufts has always been a good meeting place, even for those with no dog. It is always worth a visit and so once been it is “not going again” but” hey ho” the next year comes around. I promise to bring the bread pudding next year, so do not forget the cakes.

You know I have a good feeling for 2013 so keep watching. with no dog. It is always worth a visit and so once been it is “not going again” but” hey ho” the next year comes around. I promise to bring the bread pudding next year, so do not forget the cakes.

You know I have a good feeling for 2013 so keep watching. You might love us or hate us but we stand by our beds and we are here. Thank you for your support and membership already received for 2013, KEEP THEM COMING.


Happy New Year to you, to Glens and to everybody everywhere!