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As it is February 29th..

Glen of Imaal Terrier people are generally very traditional so today of all days it has to be tradition. Nicki, knowing what year it was, at the start of 2012 asked Richard to marry her. Richard said yes and the event is to be in September. We’ve all known about it for ages but today is the day it should be announced! As it is a Congratulations day the same thoughts and wishes need to go to George and Stephen who are standing together officially in April.

Photographs are needed from both couples.


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Two films that should get more media coverage

BBC 4 is running a dog week on their channel. Some programmes are excellent like Ice Dogs with Benedict Allen but others are not of such a standard. There are a couple of productions that should have been shown but you have to have the right connections these days. Have a look here and here; if you approve pass them onto your friends and family for them to look at.


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“Phennik”-whoever you are it’s a very colourful Glen of Imaal Terrier!

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Not a bad idea at all

The Kennel Club appreciate that a lot of younger children these days aren’t from dog owning families and there parents aren’t sure how to introduce them to dogs so are introducing The Rufus Club.

“Welcoming children from newborns up to 6 year olds, the Rufus Club promises to be the perfect place to introduce young members of the family to the wonderful world of dogs. It aims to encourage children from an early age to play safely with their dogs and find out about all the activities they can do together.

Vanessa McAlpine, Events and Education Executivefrom the Kennel Club said: “We are very excited to launch the Rufus Club at this year’s Crufts. We are regularly asked by parents how their young children can get involved and until now we have only had the Young Kennel Club which is for youngsters aged 6-24. Crufts is the perfect place to interact with dog loving families and we hope everyone will be as excited about the new club as we are.”

The cost of membership of the Rufus Club is only £8 per year and those joining will receive a welcome letter, free gift, Fetch magazine, poster, stickers and activity sheets, as well an activity and education pack which will be sent after six months’ membership to keep them up to date.”

Excellent present for any children or grandchildren


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It’s reminder time

National Terrier schedules came out before Christmas so in case anybody put it safe and then forgot all about it the entries close tomorrow. Online entries close on March 9th. The judge for Glen of Imaal Terriers is Bill Browne-Cole and the show is Easter Saturday (April 7th)

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Anybody know?

There aren’t many Glen of Imaal Terriers in Spain so the front cover of the Whitsun Weekend Madrid Show schedule is a bit of a surprise. Anybody know who it is?


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What were your 2011 figures?

A few years ago  a sloppy reporter, aided by a sloppy Kennel Club, wrote a piece on Glen of Imaal Terriers that did the breed a lot of harm in the UK. The (now) infamous “Rare As Giant Panda” headline was stupid, totally wrong. Glen people worldwide knew that the breed had never been so numerous and their sending of registration numbers etc. plus the Kennel Club finally acknowledging that their figures were totally out of context, led to the BBC removing the article from their website. How are things doing now though? 

As it’s late February many of the offficial registries of the world will be bringing out the 2011 figures. The KC record 67 Glens for last year and there is at least one litter tthat was born too late to make those figures. This puts us ahead of Cesky, Australians, Skyes and Sealyhams so we aren’t that bad. What did other countries register?


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