It’s that time of year

January is just a nothing time of the year so we’re pulling down the shutters, just like last year, until mid February as everybody will be getting ready for Crufts (and Westminster). Some have already checked in to say they’ll be over for the NEC. Look forward to seeing you there and if bringing the dogs remember to carry copies of the new regulations for entering the UK. If you haven’t entered Crufts yet it closes “snailmail” January 9th and online January 16th.

If your Glen of Imaal Terrier has grown enough coat and you are missing the showring West Midlands Terrier (11th February) has Glen classes with Nicki O’Hannlon judging, entries close 13/01 postmark or 28/01 online. If you live further north Yorkshire Sporting Terrier Show on the 19th February has a Glen class judged by Richard Allen. (Schedules from 01924 463899)

It should be noticeably lighter in the morning and afternoon  by then so hopefully  “lightning up” will be the order of the day on  our return.

Glen(s) of the Year 2011

Thanks to people who have sent their respective countries “of the year” awards. All of the Glen of Imaal Terrier listed are Champions and some have many titles.

Denmark-Hammersmølles Gandhiji

Finland-Irish Rovers`s Sir Brendan Behan

Netherlands-Laiquendi’s Jillian Griffith James

UK-Brockland Brayhead Lad

USA-The AKC don’t officially declare until January 10th but working on fingers & toes it looks like Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty is Top Glen “all breed” (dogs defeated in Group & Breed) & Cill Dara’s Fergus Of Daulton is top Glen in breed (dogs defeated in breed only)

Many congratulations to everybody & if any country that declares later in the year would like to be included just let us know

“Hattie” who is she?

This is “Hattie”. She was picked up as a stray in the North West, taken to the RSPCA and when not claimed after 7 days transferred to Dog’s Trust, Merseyside. She was listed as a crossbreed until a Wheaten owner volunteer saw her and said “no way, it’s a Glen of Imaal Terrier”.

Hattie is a mature bitch who could be a veteran. She has probably had puppies (maybe recently) and like many Glen ladies is highly intolerant of her own sex. She is docked.

You know your own animals so does she instantly remind you of one of your own? Do you remember if any of your pups went up to the Liverpool area? Does anybody know if there were any unregistered/cross litters in that area last summer? As it’s Liverpool did anybody in Ireland get an English bitch over for mating & remember the details?

Finally will anybody give her a home? She has been in kennels since early November and is fine with people but is considered not suitable to live with other dogs. As she is an older animal the Dog’s Trust will pay for any  medical bills that may crop up.

Let’s start as we mean to go on.

Huge strides have been made in Glen of Imaal Terrier health so let’s  keep it going through 2012. Eye testing (both physically and by DNA) is the promotion so mark it in the diary for this year.

Bochum, the cheaper of the two options available to the breed, is easier if you are able to arrange things yourself. Jean Rogers will provide details. Optigen is done in the UK via clinics and the next one is February 7th at Foxbarton, 15 Beaconsfield Road, Langley Vale, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 6HA.You can either attend the session with your Glen, or you can choose postal participation. Either way, please contact Val Tilley as soon as possible to either arrange an appointment or to find out when she needs blood samples sent.

There is a 5% discount for online submission of paperwork, which is pretty straightforward to do but needs to be done in advance of the session, so that you can print off and bring the paperwork with you. If you are going to do this, please wait until you have spoken to Val, because she can give you her discount code to enter on the paperwork, and which entitles you to a further 25% discount. Alternatively, you can print out the submission form and fill it in by hand; or Val can complete paperwork for you at a small charge that is donated to Border Collie Rescue.

Your dog must have some form of permanent identification (PI) – microchip or tattoo – to be eligible for testing for GPRA-crd3. If you are doing “postal participation” please remember that OptiGen will only take BLOOD samples for Glen testing; you will need to arrange for your vet to draw blood and then send the sample and paperwork to Val for shipping to the OptiGen lab in America.

There is a reasonable charge at Val’s sessions to cover drawing blood, labelling and shipping. Tea and biscuits are provided!