Down Memory Lane…

It was Birmingham City Championship Show this weekend and no Glen of Imaal Terriers entered. Once upon a time this show was well supported. Bill Brown-Cole who is giving tickets in Glens next year had his first appointment for the breed there. It was something that caused a lot of interest; an ultra professional Wire Fox Terrier man judging rag-tag Glens.

The ringside was well supported that day and many were fellow terriermen of Bills. The comment of “Bill is smiling!” that was made with obvious disbelief from their corner was used for a long time as an illustration of how Glens could be enjoyed.

Giving breed classes meant Glen entries in NSC were killed off and now the awarding of CCs is seemingly killing off entry at non CC shows but is it going even further? Darlington, the next show with Challenge Certificates only has an entry of 10!

Kennel Club answer back over “that” programme

Join Caroline Kisko and Dr Jeff Sampson from the Kennel Club as they answer your questions and dispel concerns over pedigree dog breeding
Chat date: 27th August
Chat time: 12.00pm

Following the recent BBC programme Pedigree Dogs Exposed, the Kennel Club would like to clear up negative impressions of pedigree dog breeding and suggestions that the dog community is doing little or nothing to improve the health of pedigree dogs. The Kennel Club assisted the production company with the programme and hoped that what would be portrayed would be a balanced view of the work the Kennel Club is doing and what needs to be done within the dog world to ensure that pedigree dogs lead long and healthy lives. Unfortunately the Kennel Club and the dog community have been left feeling that the programme was very one sided and so would like to address some of the issues the programme raised and answer some of the questions that viewers are concerned about by taking part in an online webchat. If you are a dog lover and have any concerns or questions following the programme, then join our webchat to find out how Kennel Club health initiatives such as the introduction of the Accredited Breeder Scheme and research funding can help promote healthy breeding of pedigree breeds.

Live Webchat – Join Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary and Dr Jeff Sampson, the Kennel Club’s genetic advisor live on the 27th August at 12 to answer your questions and dispel concerns over pedigree dog breeding.

Together we can……..

“THE” slogan for all concerned Glen of Imaal Terrier people “Glen of Imaal Terriers-Beating PRA Together” takes a new slant the first weekend of September. Maybe they are considerably hairier than Glens, considerably taller and certainly more messy but Otterhounds also have a problem and theirs is epilepsy. September 7th is their day to raise funds and the Book Stall from the Glen FUNd day will be trekking across the country to Warwickshire. All monies raised will be split 50/50 between the two health funds. You know the EFG site but do have a look at what the Otters have done; their site is listed on the blog roll.

For the file…

It seems something is happening in Denmark that Glens owners there have never encountered before….doorstepping. In the UK many Glen people have been stopped in the street or had people with an accent suddenly knocking on the front door and asking if you have Glen of Imaal Terriers? Here we are used to it, particularly after the farce of the “giant panda” at the turn of the year, and can deal with it but the for the Danes it is something totally new. Also rather worryingly the callers are saying that they know…….and it is always a UK breeder.

We managed to see the bulk of undesirables off in the Spring but it is looking as if they may be on the way back so if anybody suddenly comes knocking, mailing or phoning be sure to check when the give their “credentials”.

It rumbles on…..

“That” programme will occupy the gossip for a while yet as to what responsible breeders can do. To use jargon (well everybody does) they could always have a Code of Best Practice which they follow. This Code could be on their website if they have one, on their handouts and on their puppy material and anything else that might be seen by people.

Whilst thinking about that have a look at an article about Glen of Imaal Terriers in the August Canine Chronicles, an American magazine

It seems to be one that has been rehashed from somewhere as it speaks of Crufts 2007 in the future.

How to sum it up?

“But why?” is probably the easiest way to describe THAT programme from last night. As the work colleague said this morning…”but why would anybody wait around for a Boxer to throw a fit?” The email that came in over night “but why would you keep your dog alive if it was as bad as the Cavalier?” or the phone call whilst the programme was still on…”but why would they want to be so negative?”

The thing that is being said time and time again is that the KC should now sever all links with the BBC and take Crufts to cable. Many football clubs have their own TV now so why shouldn’t Crufts TV? Horse and Country already has Birmingham National so why not Crufts? They even have a producer that used to own a Glen of Imaal Terrier!

Ironic really…

Months have just been spent organising a FUNd raiser to help pay costs in the fight against the PRA geme in Glen of Imaal Terriers and now the papers are full of a forthcoming television programme that says nobody cares that pedigree dogs have problems. This isn’t supposed to be a political blog but when the loony liberal left get so much in power everywhere we can’t help but comment. If anybody feels they would like to comment on the programme it is on tonight BBC1 at 21.00hrs

Wonder if anybody will point out that the only reasons that there are known problems in pedigree dogs is because the breeders care and report on it? They make an effort to collate and explore problems within their breeds but the mutt brigade, equally unhealthy, don’t care enough to document their ills.


Welsh Kennel Club had an upside down “family” result….why upside down? The Best Dog (& BOB) was Homer and even though sister Eilish did well she was only RBB. Best Bitch went to young Fern with her dad Buster getting Reserve Dog. A family result indeed….but you can see why it is upside down!