Soon Be April

Nearly April and things are starting to get more organised for the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend. The rosettes have arrived and they are very nice. You won’t be ashamed at all to put one on the wall.

National Terrier is the next show where a number of Glens can be seen together and this year there will be 28 at Stafford. Whilst some of us will be slumming  it in the dust of the New Bingley Hall Homer and his people will be in the best bib and tucker down at the Contest of Champions representing Glen of Imaal Terriers. One question? Does Homer get to wear a bow tie?

Wagg Foods to be the major sponsor…..

wagg_original1.jpgWagg Foods, Thirsk, Yorkshire, a leading manufacturer of quality pet foods in the UK, has very kindly agreed to become a major sponsor of the Companion Show being held at the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend of July 12/13th. Many thanks to them for their genourosity and do have a look at their website!

Happy Easter

At least all the WEATHER over Easter was useful for the Glens. It was too awful to go anywhere so there was only dog walking. Hats, gloves, coats for us with the Glens just leaping around going out, out out!!! In case anybody ever wonders Glens do not need coats or waterproofs of any sort, they are very weather tolerant. All the snow flurries (the east of the country had a lot) meant that there weren’t many people out so the dogs actually got out more than usual. I s Spring ever going to come?

Looking Forward.

Spring has come in like a Lion, we are all hoping it goes out like a Lamb and perhaps a sign we might get a good summer particularly for a certain weekend in July!
Caravanners need to book ( those needing hook ups ) with the Poplars Farm as they have only limted site available. This is a small selective site 1/2 mile away from the FUNd weekend (on the same road ) so early bookings would be appreciated.01205 722692 ( Caravanning & Camping Club certified ).
Do not forget to let Jean know if you want to stay at the local motel so she can book you in at a special rate.  Offers of  new season Strawberry Jam already being talked about, seems cream teas now maybe on the menu.

A whole week since Crufts!!!

How can it be a whole seven days since Crufts? The week has whizzed by, full time working is doing the head in, so hopefully by now all Glen of Imaal exhibitors are long home and recovered. It took the Finland crew an extra day, a night in Paris and then no planes leaving from Stockholm, and the Channel Islands was also a Tuesday slot. Nothing heard from Ireland so ferries and planes must have been good there. The Crufts critique is already available. Love or hate Zena Thorn-Andrews nobody can say she doesn’t deliver a prompt reason for her thought unlike last years judge who couldn’t be bothered to put pen to paper at all!

At Crufts some people came to say that they would definately be with us for the PRA Weekend and ask what they could do to help? Thanks, it was appreciated and you will be got back to.

Crufts-All Over Now!

Crufts 2008Crufts came, Crufts went and it seemed to be quite a success….well at least from the bottom reaches of Hall 1. There actually were a few spectators at 8.30am when the judging began of Glen of Imaal Terriers and it was a sort of double, double, double in the ring. Homer was BOB again (double 1), it was a return again to Ireland for both tickets (double two) and the two reserves were both bred by the same person (double three).

It was Crufts so there was food and drink,(the next one will be National Terrier so don’t forget to pack some for then) and many comments were passed about the lines of chairs that changed occupants again and again. It was summed up best by three comments. One was from a Glen owner gently explaining why arch rivals in both the ring and opinion could sit easily and well together putting the world to rights”real Glen people are like their dogs; they enjoy a good argument but it is never, ever personal”. Comment two from somebody of a different breed who ended up stopping and eating rolls whilst just having a little glass of wine “this is wonderful, why don’t our breed do it?” and the third came from an overseas fancier “why doesn’t this happen at home?” Glen hospitality rules OK!!

Hopefully journeys home weren’t too bad and the renown Crufts throat won’t strike too hard. Hopefully the ferries for the Channel Islands and Ireland aren’t cancelled for too long, the snow isn’t too bad for the north of Scotland run, the long journey back to Finland passes quickly and Jody and PJ don’t get too wet as they start their round England and Ireland tour.