From the Kennel Club

The KCAI Scheme and PRO PLAN who hosted the Career Zone at Crufts are proud to present the third annual ‘Try Out, Take In and Teach’ education weekend, designed for ‘canine professionals’ and for those who would like a career with dogs. For the first time this fantastic weekend is open to canine professionals! This email is to formally invite you to ‘Try Our, Take In and Teach’ or ‘TOTIT’ as it is affectionately known which will take place at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th May 2014.‘Try Out, Take In and Teach’ or ‘TOTIT’ as it is affectionately known will take place at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th May 2014. Day and weekend tickets are available for this exciting event which offers a unique and varied programme of learning over the course of the weekend. Seminars and comprehensive workshops covering everything from dog behaviour and training, competitive activities, nutrition, anatomy and much more are all presented by some of the UK’s experts in their chosen field. Hot topics such as ‘Frustration Leading to Anger’ and ‘Aggression’ will be explored by some of the KCAI Scheme’s most well received speakers Jane Hanshaw KCAI (CD Beh) and Jackie Drakeford KCAI (CD WLSA) respectively, and for those who enjoy more practical displays; sessions such as clicker work with Angela White Fellow KCAI (CD Ob Beh GCDS), competitive and non-competitive agility with Steve Croxford KCAI (Ag) and Working Gundog Tests with Philippa Williams KCAI (CD WG FT) are all on offer. The practical sessions also have VERY LIMITED handler places, so book quickly if you would like to bring your dog for this rare opportunity!Purina PRO PLAN, with a passion for education and a mission to provide the very best in canine nutrition will again work together with the KCAI Scheme to provide the very best advice and learning opportunities at TOTIT. Experts will be providing scientific, unbiased lectures surrounding nutrition for various lifestyles including mobility, the canine athlete and stages of your dog’s life from puppyhood to senior years.

The wide variety of options on offer also means that you can create your own distinctive programme of learning, whatever your interests may be. If this sounds interesting to you why not head here for more information or contact the KCAI Team on 0844 463 3980 ext 321 to book a place. We hope to see you at ‘Try Out, Take In and Teach’ at the Kennel Club Building in May!


Just been informed that Fred George has passed away after a long illness.
Condolences to Kathy and all relatives.
Kathy requests that people please refrain from calling to give the family chance to recoup.

EFG Show Critique

INAUGURAL OPEN SHOW, 20th. April 2014.
I wish this club great success ,but feel they will do really well ,as they are a friendly passionate bunch who all pulled together and offered support to each other and the future of this new club.
I so enjoyed my time judging and chatting to officials and exhibitors after the judging.
BIS & BV went to the veteran dog. Welch’s, Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, he just presented a balanced, masculine and typical outline on first appraisal. Great head piece with dark eye giving good expression. Has strength and width of skull, good set on of small ear used to display confidence and type. Strong jaw housing big white well placed teeth. Clean powerful neck flowing through well laid back shoulder, correct wrap of upper arm provides neat elbows and easy reach . Good length of rib ,firm loin to muscular driving quarters. In prime order and quality coat. Even as a veteran he is notable and just what I was looking for. BB ,RBIS & BOS, Seall’s, Bregrorrey Madam Defiance . She came in her underwear, but top coat coming through of harsh texture and this only served to enhance her balance and shape. A quality girl at 2 years in fit muscular order. Loved her headpigmentation and alert kind outlook . Strong clean feminine head of correct proportions. Clean neck which is strong and flows through her strong topline with developed short loin. Has depth ,spring and length of rib. Goes with true action and easy gait.
PD & JD 1. George &Sullivan’s, Romainville Jazzman (BPIS). Although this 8 mth was alone he pleased me and deserved his awards. Strong under jaw . Good width of skull, kind dark round eye , big black nose, has substance depicting age .He is all of a piece. Stands on well boned legs right down to his round well padded feet with strong nails. Good body proportions ,sound going with ground cover. Correct harsh top coat with soft undercoat.

PGD.3-1abs. 1. Withers, Pajantic Star Trooper (RBD) Masculine 2 ½ years , excellent pigmentation with dark gentle expression. Head is balanced with good width of skull, and ear set , strong , clean ,tapering foreface , with strong jaw. Well boned ,firm supple pastern and padded round feet. Has length of rib ,just needs to mature ,but not shallow or lacking. Power behind providing drive . 2. brown’s, Jeonty Dinky Doughnut. Has type and shape ,perhaps could be a touch more of him all through. Lovely temperament and sympathetically handled , just not totally happy on this floor.

OD.2-1abs. 1. Rogers, Bregrorrey Wannabee Victory By Jeonty. 2 yr old , good pigmentation and under jaw, feet could be a touch better and upper arm could be more bowed to allow neater elbows and easier reach. Powerful loin not too long. Goes with purpose and attitude. Correct harsh top coat and soft top knot.

VD.5-2abs. 1. Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad (BIS, BV), 2. Barnes, Brockland Blackadder At Malsville, have written ,quality chap and notice that he is litter brother to winner. He has the head and power in body with balanced proportions, not quite the reach or impulsion of winner. Pleasing coat type. 3.Hadley’s, Donvalset Rebus

JB.2. Both had attributes in different ways and note that they are siblings. Both have excellent mouths. Their heads are plain at present and lack stop. First showed type and balance in outline. Second had the better body and depth with good bum after tail, but ears could be better and tends to fly them rather too much. They are very much at that in-between stage .1. George & Sullivan’s, Romainville Fade To Grey, 2. Harvey’s , Romainville Lady’s First

PGB .2-1abs.1. Baldock’s ,Ellerton Dusky Beauty (RBB). Rising 2 years with lovely head proportions giving typical shape. Well set ear and dark round eye which enhance her outlook. Could have a little more bone at pasterns for ideal. Well sprung ribs with good depth and leg length. has power behind and muscular quarters. Good set on of tail. Harsh coat. Goes with reach ,drive and lively action, to deserve her win.

LB 1. Seall’s, Bregrorrey Madam Defiance (BB RBIS), 2. Rogers, Jeonty Meme Fern, 19 mths. A little at that ‘teenage stage’. Good to go over ,could have a touch more wrap of upper arm. Developed quarters which she uses on the move , to drive on. 3. George & Sullivan’s, Romainville Inki, 4. Hadley’s, Donvalset Domino

OB.4-1abs. 1. Baldock’s, CH Jeonty Maybee Daisy, Felt this bitch was the most typical of the 3. She is perhaps not in the best condition, being a touch overweight, but her quality is evident when closely inspected. Strong jaw with big well placed teeth. Really typical in head ,could be no other breed. Has forechest , correct front, and Balanced bone sprung ribs leading to short muscular loin. Developed quarters with good set on. Perhaps just not the impulsion ,on the move to take her further but so much to like . 2. Seall’s, Bregrorrey Lady Belleisle, Not quite the substance of the winner. Typical shape with balance of proportions and bone. Pleasing head and eye. Has good lay of shoulder with length of upper arm bowed to allow neat elbows. Goes well on the move working with handler. 3. Withers, Ch Romainville Aoiife At Pajantick

VB. 3-1 abs. Both the handles were showing in the ring for the first time, they concentrated to show their exhibits well and seemed to enjoy the experience ,continue girls ,I am sure the other handlers will give you lots of support . 1.Minett’s, Pajantick Sorrel, as the class proceeded this pair got their confidence and showed their worth, well done. This 9 year old had pleasing head , with stoic expression. Strong body, was well muscled and got her act together on the move . 2. Samuel’s Jeonty Red Clover. Not quite the head of the winner. Strong body ,happy and confident, harsh coat.

Judge ,Patsy Hollings.

If you are in the area….

Glen Services will be doing free micro-chipping at a Companion Dog Show at Selston Working Mens Club, Selston, Notts on Mon 5th May 2014 at 11.00am. If you are in the area or have friends/relatives anywhere near do drop Sue Boswell ( an email if you’d like your dog, not just Glen of Imaal Terriers, chipping.

More from the EFG Show

IMG_1758 IMG_1755 IMG_1756

Class results;-

PD & JD 1. Romainville Jazzman (BPIS)

PGD 1. Pajantic Star Trooper (RBD) 2.Jeonty Dinky Doughnut

OD 1. Bregrorrey Wannabee Victory By Jeonty

VD 1. Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad (BIS, BV), 2.Brockland Blackadder At Malsville, 3. Donvalset Rebus

JB 1. Romainville Fade To Grey, 2. Romainville Lady’s First

PGB 1. Ellerton Dusky Beauty (RBB)

LB 1. Bregrorrey Madam Defiance (BB RBIS), 2. Jeonty Meme Fern, 3. Romainville Inki, 4. Donvalset Domino

OB 1. CH Jeonty Maybee Daisy, 2. Bregrorrey Lady Belleisle, 3. Ch Romainville Aoiife At Pajantick

VB. 1. Pajantick Sorrel, 2. Jeonty Red Clover


Generous donations of specials and a carload of food from Royal Canin meant no one went home empty handed. The stained glass glens for the exhibitor ring number draw were much admired.

If anyone has any photos from the day please send them to for inclusion.