Glen Association Championship Show

Schedules are available for the Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Championship Show. It is to be held on Sunday 30th November at Shenstone Village Hall, Shenstone, Staffordshire. WS14 0LT. The judge of the day is Don Harley, closing date is November 5th. Schedules from Anne Hardy

South Wales Kennel Association critique


Thank you for the committee’s invitation to judge this show and to the exhibitors for their entry. The entry was small but of good quality. Mouths in general were good unless stated otherwise.

Puppy dog

1/ Alsteads Golden Spurs. 9 months brindle male. Good head and expression , with good ear set and a strong muzzle. Shoulder is a bit forward placed, topline is good hindquarters could be better angled. He is sound and moves well but could do with just a bit more drive.

Junior dog.

1/ Golden Spurs.

Post Grad dog

1/Hardy’s Amhard High Flyer 2 years Red wheaten male. Good head and expression with strong jaw and good ear set. His shoulder is forward with short upper arm. Topline is good and he has good hindquarters. He pinned a bit away and sound to his movement from the side is good, but he needs to mature and body up more as he is in Glen terms only a youngster.

Limit dog

1/ Withers Pajanticks Star Trooper 2 ½ red wheaten male Well turned out as usual from this kennel. Excellent strong head with good expression and good ear set, strong jaws .He won the class because his head was better than the second dog. The neck is correct with well placed shoulder into a good topline and well angled hindquarters. Sound with excellent movement from the side Res CC, he pushed hard for the CC and only lost out to a more mature male. I feel sure this young male will receive top honours.

2/ Howarths Donvaleset Liffy at Arkview 3 year Blue male. Good expression but would like a slightly stronger head for his age also his jaw could be stronger. Shoulder slightly forward placed top line is good and also hindquarters. He is somewhat stilted in movement and was hopping on his one back leg which made movement difficult to assess.

Open Dog.

1/ Hadleys Donvaleset Rebus 8 years blue male. Good head and expression, correct ear set. Good lay of shoulder and topline into good hindquarters with powerful thrust from behind. He is sound and moves very well with drive and power. His maturity gained him the CC & BOB

Puppy Bitch

1/ Hardy’s Bonny Nell sister to puppy dog winner. 10 months blue/brindle bitch. My only bitch entry which was disappointing in so much as I would have liked something older  to award the CC. She has a good head and expression but should have a better stop. Good neck into correct shoulder. Topline is good into good hindquarters, she is sound and movement is fine but she needs to settle down more on the move. I am not a believer in awarding CC’s to such a young  female, but other than her age she was correct so saw no point in with holding the CC. CC winner and Best Opposite sex.

Kathy George (Judge)

Latest Health Survey update

The health survey closes on Friday 28th November and we are nearly half way to our target of 300 responses.  To date, we have received 137 responses from the UK and eleven other countries … please see update charts

If you haven’t already done the survey for your Glen of Imaal Terrier please help us to reach our target of 300!  We would like information about young Glens and old Glens; about healthy Glens and those with health conditions to report; and about those Glens that have sadly died.

BREEDERS – please help spread the word about this survey!  If you are still in contact with any of your “puppy people” we would appreciate you passing on details of the survey.  Thank you.

Here is the link to our health survey page  from where you can access the survey.

There is a SURVEY PREVIEW on the survey page – please do have a read through to familiarise yourself with the format and questions, before starting the survey “for real”.

Please do not hesitate to contact Alison Seall – Tel. 01403 269038 or Email: if you:

have any queries about the survey; need help with the survey or wish to make any changes e.g. add or delete contact details or correct any errors.

A little bit of feedback – CANCER

Of the 137 Glens, 11 have reported 14 cancer diagnoses.  Seven Glens have survived cancer; the other four succumbed to the disease … please look at update charts

Thank you for your support of this important breed initiative.

Alison Seall EFG Health Coordinator

It just gets better and better

Barn Hunting, walking, exhibiting, something very new and a BEST IN SHOW; Glen of Imaal Terriers just keep on getting better!! The first mention just has to go to GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned with number 15 Group 1 down in Arkansas and this time BEST IN SHOW. No apologies for using the very nice tribute breeder Mary gave “Today Ned, GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned, became only the second Glen in the US to get an All Breed Best In Show. Ned is sired by Spike – Malsville Soldier Blue. Royalty’s Star Over Coleraine (India) was the first Glen to have that honor. BOTH dogs share a grand sire – Jeonty Little Soldier, making this a family affair. Thank you to Jean Rogers for producing Soldier, and to Liz and Harold Gay for allowing Spike to emigrate to the US. Well done!” The American South really loves the breed as GlenTyrs Lady Isabella took Gp1 in Augusta, Georgia. Over in Ohio it was another BOB for GCH Daulton’s Emerald Green. Brno saw the European plus an International Show and Fin Glenn Glen Limited Edition was Best of Breed with Gleann Aine of Antrim Best Opposite. The International Show saw Cairdiulacht Aoife NicAlainna take the top award. In Finland Stiubhard Cutie Pie at Gleann was BOB at Seinajoki with BOS going to Gleann Ungus MacGuire. Midland Counties saw Dovaleset Rebus take Best of Breed with Donvaleset Domino Best Bitch. At the first ever Barn Hunt In New York State Niamh showed everybody just how good Glens are with first place & high score (fastest time) in Open. The first Glen walk in Central park caused a lot of interest and was a great advertisement for the joys of owning one.To finish off such an incredible round up Finnian shows the adaptability of the breed with his acceptance into a new programme Los Angeles International airport has started. They are going to have dogs in the airport terminal to help reduce stress levels of passengers and the boy will be there for a stroke and a hug! What a weekend and what a list of accomplishments!!!!!!!!

Thank you Judy-you will be missed

The morning of Monday 13th October 2014 was very misty & raining heavily as more than a hundred terrier people travelled to St. James the Great Church, Idlicote, Warwickshire to attend the funeral of Judith Averis. It was my privilege to attend this service both as a friend and as a representative of the  EFG. Most terrier breeds were represented at Judy’s funeral-the doyenne of terriers..

Andrew Brace gave a very moving eulogy reminding us all of her many successes, achievments & particularly her infectios smile. As the cortege left the church the congregation spontaneously joined in singing Hey Jude.

Thank you Judy-you will be missed.JudyAverissmall

Crest Garner

Glens in the Park

As many Glen of Imaal Terrier folk world wide read the blog we are pleased to pass this on from Laura Gould.

Many Glens and their humans will be meeting in Central Park NYC on October 26th.  We will meet from noon until 3pm for a walk through the park.  We will meet at the West 72nd Street entrance into Central Park at noon and enjoy a walk together from there into Central Park.

If any glen owners in the NY vicinity would like to join the more the merrier.  We have people coming from New Jersey, Westchester County, Connecticut and Long Island will be joining the other glens that live in NYC 🙂

I have started a Face Book page (Glens in the Park) with information and updates.  If there is enough interest this may become an annual event 🙂

All the best,

Laura and Ben 😉

Belfast Critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

JD (1)

1 White’s Abberann Phelan, 15 months, low to the ground. Very nice in topline & body length. Head sufficient, broad in skull. A bit long in muzzle. Nice ears, good front, coat texture could be better, good mover. CC & BOB.

PGD & LD (0).

OD (3)

1 Welch’s Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, 9 years & in tip top show condition. A bit short in coat. Nice head with a broad skull & rose ears, sufficient forechest & level topline, excellent mover. RCC;

2 White’s Ir/Int Ch Abberann Karl, for me a bit too low on legs. Quite heavy in body. Very nice powerful head, excellent ear carriage, level topline, Movement a bit restricted;

3 Rogers’ Bregorrey Wannabe Victory by Jeonty.

PB, JB & PGB (0).

LB (1)

1 Seall’s Bregorrey Madam Defiance, a real showgirl, sufficient bone & substance, sufficiently strong in muzzle, excellent ear carriage, dark eye. Topline not level enough. Excellent mover. Needs a better show condition.

OB (4)

1 Sutton’s Ir Ch Bailielands Leanbh Orga, excellent in type, liked her bone & substance, broad skull, small rose ears, strong muzzle, good front, harsh coat, good mover. CC;

2 White’s Ch/Ir/Int Ch Abberann Ennya, 9 years, super condition. Low to the ground, deep chest, very nice head with broad skull, dark eye, good pigmentation, good coat texture, level topline, good mover. RCC;

3 Rogers’ Jeonty Meme Fern.





Health Survey-Update 2

Who needs to do the health survey? 

All of us!  The survey is for all our Glen of Imaal Terriers (both living and now deceased) born on or after 1st January 2000.  We welcome responses from Glen owners all over the world.

Why should we take the survey? 

It is important to collect health data from as many Glens as possible, so that we can get an idea of the overall health of the breed … and also so that we can identify any conditions that may need further monitoring and/or research. 

It is also just as important to identify owners willing to help with health research initiatives.  

For this reason, we have included a “Permissions” section at the end of the survey:

“This survey may reveal health conditions that require looking into in more detail i.e. further condition-specific monitoring and/or research. We have set up a confidential database of owners who are happy for their Glens to participate in future monitoring of specific health conditions, or research initiatives, either as a “Control” (without the health condition) or “Affected” (with the health condition).

If you would be happy for your Glen to help, please provide your contact details” 

If we undertake any research initiatives following this survey, we will only contact those owners who have provided their contact details.


We are now into the fourth week of the Glen health survey and the number of completed surveys received is 85, to date.  The split is 53 (62%) from the UK and 32 (38%) from non-UK resident owners.  We need a few hundred responses for meaningful health data … so we still have quite a way to go!

Survey information & link

The closing date for the survey is Friday 28th November, so just under six weeks to go.  If you have not already completed the survey for your Glen/s, please do spare a few minutes to help with this important project … for the benefit of our lovely breed.  Thank you.

A big “Thank you” to everyone who has completed the survey … and especially to those who have also requested a DNA swab kit for our international DNA Archive at the Animal Health Trust!

Here is the link to our health survey page – – from where you can access the survey.

There is a SURVEY PREVIEW on the survey page – please do have a read through to familiarise yourself with the format and questions, before starting the survey “for real”.

Please do not hesitate to contact Alison Seall – Tel. 01403 269038 or Email: if you:

  • have any queries about the survey;
  • need help with the survey;
  • wish to make any changes e.g. add or delete contact details or correct any errors.

Thank you for your support.



Judging Seminar-how was it?

The first EFG Breed Specific Judges Seminar was held in fabulous Autumn weather & provisional feedback says everybody had a fabulous time; despite serious head scratching in some cases. The slightly different format, which all candidates were aware of, caused interest, exclamation, interest and, in the words of one candidate ” probably the most difficult seminar I’ve ever attended!” The applause in any event like this has to always go to the dogs and suddenly a line from the Breed Standard and an explanation from the presentation was understood as the various Glen of Imaal Terriers present (aged from 2 years to 10) wagged their tails, yawned, sighed and, in one case, laid down for a sleep as they were repeatedly  gone over. The second round of “yeah, well done” has to be for the food. The EFG is always known for giving “a good do” and Sue, with the ladies, kept the standard as high as ever.

The assessors were totally on the ball: the Certificates and feedback letters will be posted out today!


Photo: David Seall


Photo: David Seall