Where can I see Glen of Imaal Terriers at Crufts?

The NEC is a huge place and so is Crufts. It’ll be in Halls 1-5, Pavilion 1 & 2 and the Genting Arena from tomorrow (Thursday) until Sunday. The biggest number of Glen of Imaal Terriers will be seen on Terrier Day, which is Sunday, but there will be Glens there every day.

On Sunday Glens are first in the ring at 9.00am in Hall 1, Ring 6. Hall 1 is easy to access (if a visitor) via the NEC main entrance. They will be in the ring for around a couple of hours and then at the benches afterwards if you want to talk to the owners, take photographs etc. (After the breed has been judged the EFG invites anybody interested in Glens to join them in eating cake to celebrate 20 years since the club came into being.)

Discover Dogs is in Hall 3 throughout the duration of the show and at Terrier Booth 13 there will be Glens so don’t worry if you are there Thursday, Friday or Saturday, it will still be possible to have a Glen fix.

This year though there will be two other opportunities to see the breed. For the first time this year the KC are holding the final of the Vulnerable Breeds Competition. Glens are represented by Romainville Billy Whizz and it’ll be held in the main arena (Genting) on Friday at 6.10pm. Also the Young Kennel Club Groomer of the Year is being held on Friday at the YKC ring (Hall 3). The Over 18 Groom Clip/Trim & Strip will see a Glen in the ring as Emma Bull has picked Muffin Baldock to work her magic on. Caitlin Forbes, in the same class with a Westie, also used to show a Glen.

There is television, web coverage and live streaming throughout the entire event. That’ll be listed on here tomorrow.

We’re busy running up to Crufts but if you have a few minutes do have a look at this as National Purebred Dog Day are featuring Glen of Imaal Terriers!

It’s Day 1

Crufts begins today and as the Terriers aren’t on until Saturday there is chance to practice with the television recording boxes! Sky+, Now TV, On Demand etc. are all slightly different but the times to programme in are:-

Thursday March 5th: More 4 6.30pm-9.00pm

Friday March 6th: More 4 6.30-7.30pm and then Channel 4 7.30pm until 9.00pm

Saturday March 7th: Channel 4 7.00pm-9.00pm

Sunday March 8th: Channel 4 7.00pm-9.00pm

Eukanuba will also be doing selected Live Streaming and so will Crufts

Set the machines and for the day after Crufts!

Even if you aren’t making the journey to the NEC for Crufts you can watch the action and if you are there you can set the various recording machines for the bits you miss with the following:-

More 4 from 7-9 March between 18.30 – 21.00 each evening and on Channel 4 on 10 March between 17.30 – 20.00.

It can be viewed daily on:-



If anybody knows of any more coverage just let us know and we’ll list it-Eukanuba sometimes does live.

Also there is a programme on March 11th that may be of interest. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches/episode-guide/series-118/episode-6


It’s Crufts but I’m at work!

No problem if you can’t get to Crufts or prefer to watch it at home with a glass of wine. Crufts is being televised by More4 and can be seen at 7.30pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and 7.00pm Sunday. At 9.00pm Sunday More4 are showing a programme entitled Good Dog, Bad Dog which the Kennel Club have taken part in. Live streaming can be seen throughout the day on a dedicated internet channel but you will have to sit through a settee advert first. If you would prefer a dog food advert as a run in Crufts can also be seen here. If results are the prime want they can be found here. Also Facebook, Twitter and flickr have Crufts pages that are continually updated. If a fuller coverage is preferred both Our Dogs and Dog World will have very full coverage next week.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are in the ring tomorrow at 10.00am. The results will be up (hopefully before midday) as soon as possible